Are You Sick of Blogging for an Empty Stadium?

Are You Sick of Blogging for an Empty Stadium? 2
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Check out the featured image for this blog post.

I snapped the picture in Paphos, Cyprus. My wife and I visited this ancient locale to enjoy hallowed antiquity. Picture life rewound thousands of years. Observe the nature of this crumbling but semi-preserved amphitheater. We spent a day visiting the Tomb of the Kings. Picture ancient Greece squeezed into a small plot of land on the Mediterranean Sea. As I looked left and right, the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean pleased my eyes. Ancient tombs dotted the property, hollowed out by laborers all the way back to 4000 BC.

I could picture spectators seated in the stands, the brutal sun and stifling humidity assaulting anyone brave enough to sit in the stadium. Temperatures reached 105 F during our stay on Paphos. Cyprus is a desert nation. One forgets that Europe extends not 200 miles from Israel and other nations in the Middle East.

Of course, the stadium seems empty today to preserve ancient buildings. But scanning the empty seats made me think about bloggers who feel sick and tired of writing for an empty blogging stadium. I recall the days well; blogging for 3 visitors infuriated me. I wasted so much time! ARRGGGHH! Fear coursed through my being. I felt disgusted. I wanted to give up. Why did no one read my blog? I put in ample time and energy. What was I doing wrong?

I soon discovered how fear stops most bloggers in their cyber tracks. How it works; new bloggers have no skills, exposure or credibility because bloggers get skills, exposure and credibility AFTER blogging for 100s to 1000s of hours. FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real – surges in their being during the early days of having no blogging readers. Most bloggers surrender to fear, panic, bail and quit blogging forever. A few bloggers face, feel and release the fear, proceed, face, feel and release fear again, proceed, and eventually build a large, loyal following as professional bloggers.

Every new blogger blogs for an empty blogging stadium. A few bloggers face fears and keep blogging generously until 5, then 10, then 100, then 1000 people visit their blog. A few of these bloggers keep going for 10,000 to 15,000 hours over 10-15 years. These select pro become the top bloggers in the world. Everything depends on your:

  • generosity
  • patience
  • persistence
  • trust in self
  • trust in the blogging process

because bloggers keep blogging for a long time only if they embody these qualities. I always loved freedom more than I feared facing fear. Feeling fear during early blogging days scared me but I wanted to be free to circle the globe more than I feared little, itty bitty, fear energy waves in my mind.

Look at those blue Cyprus skies. How would it feel to picture yourself walking around such a pristine environment? How would it feel to stand inside a 6,000 year old theater? Play around with these emotions for a bit. Heck yeah; I sweat like a pig in the heat and humidity but I barely thought about my discomfort. Spending time in a special spot raised my vibe beyond temporary bodily discomfort. Embody this same concept; raise your vibe to energies of freedom and love to overcome temporary fear-discomfort, blogging-wise.

Generously create content to gain skills. Befriend bloggers in your niche to gain exposure. Develop rock solid credibility by persisting patiently. Open multiple streams of income to prosper. Put in the time. Readers can and will commit to your blog IF you commit to blogging. Blogging for a chorus of crickets is temporary. Eventually, creating and connecting for a long time fills the stands. Everything depends on your 100% commitment to blogging through good times, bad times and everything in between.


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