Do You Have a Blogging Focus Problem or a Blogging Dream Problem?

Do You Have a Blogging Focus Problem or a Blogging Dream Problem? 2
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Look at the featured image for this post.

I snapped the picture in Paekakariki, New Zealand. We visited the North Island of New Zealand a while back. My wife and I lived a short 4 minute walk from the house to this beach. We heard the Tasman Sea lap against rocks, sand and sometimes, it seemed like the sidewalk, during intense gales blowing through the area. I never experienced a more windy place. Gusts howled off of the ocean, blowing me silly if I attempted to broadcast live during a tremendous tempest. But the sea made for a soothing sleep aid. I fell asleep to the gentle ebb and flow of the tide, more often than not.

Overall, the weather seemed pleasant enough. We walked a cute dog in a national park running along the beach. Towering, lush, green mountains reached into powdery blue skies. New Zealand teases your senses. To date, NZ is the most pristine spot I enjoyed during my 10 year world tour. New Zealand is a dream. I have no issues focusing on getting blogging work done daily because I remember my dreams. I dream big dreams. My big dreams influence me to blog. I focus on blogging because I love being free to circle the globe. Even if I had not circled the globe yet, I would blog because my dreams inspire me to blog.

This was the case 12 years ago. I had never left the country. I never flew. But my globe-trotting dreams influenced me to remain focused on blogging. Blogging felt uncomfortable sometimes but I blogged because my love of travel felt stronger than my fear of distractions.

Do you have a blogging focus problem? I think not. You really have a blogging dream problem because your weak or non-existent dreams do not inspire you to focus on blogging. Imagine blogging just to pay bills, or to follow a weak hobby. Anything or anyone distracts you because you do not care about blogging. You do not value blogging.

Human beings make time for things, activities and people human beings value. Human beings do not make time for things, activities and people human beings do not value. If you do not value the activity of blogging, everything and everyone distracts you from blogging. Most bloggers do not value blogging because no big, fun, freeing dream influences them to blog. Of course you cannot seem to focus on blogging; you do not care about blogging because blogging is not some fun, freeing way to circle the globe, but a lame hobby, an after-thought, a passing fad, something to do for an hour or 2, every month.

Dream big dreams. Dream your dreams. Perhaps your big dreams look different than my big dreams. Everybody dreams different dreams. But independent of your dreams, the essence of these thoughts, images and feelings influences you to focus on your blogging duties, to dissolve distractions.

Observe the featured image above. Wouldn’t it feel fun, freeing and fascinating to spend an hour sitting on a bench to observe that beach in New Zealand? Bottling up those feelings immediately influences you to write and publish a blog post. Guaranteed, no distractions like YouTube, Netflix or email pull you away from blogging because your love of fun and freedom overrides you fear-attachment to temporary comfort, fleeting fast. I spend ample time watching Netflix or Hulu but only at 9 PM to 11 PM each night, during yoga sessions, AFTER I complete my blogging work for the day. Work first. Blogging first. Dissolve distractions. Feel free to watch some streaming after you finish your blogging tasks for the day.


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