4 Tips to Overcome Blogging Fatigue

4 Tips to Overcome Blogging Fatigue 2
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We have all been there. Tired. Worn out. Exhausted. Blogging fatigue hits all bloggers at one time or another. Pros learn how to overcome this foe to keep blogging no matter what.

Fatigue kills even the most determined blogger careers because no one overcomes their body. Bloggers are human beings. Human beings lives in human bodies. Either take care of your mind and body or burn out, flame out and quit.

Energizing yourself effectively is the best solution to overcome blogging exhaustion. Knowing how to energize feels a bit confusing; no, downing a coffee, espresso or energy drink won’t cut it, for the long haul.

Follow these 4 tips to overcome blogging fatigue.

1: Sleep More

Simple, but most bloggers make the critical error of pushing themselves by sleeping less and blogging more Do NOT do that. Bad idea. Sleeping for 8 or more hours each night recharges you for your blogging day, allowing you to overcome blogging fatigue. Sleep plenty. Force yourself to stay in bed by getting to bed earlier and waking later. Getting enough sleep is one secret to my prolific nature. I am better rested than most bloggers, who cannot seem to find the energy to blog, not getting enough sleep to recharge their blogging batteries.

2: Follow an Energy Management Ritual

I spend hours daily meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and power walking in nature to manage my energy. Managing my energy helps me tap into all types of expanding energy reservoirs, charging me up to post and guest post 5-10 times every single day for years. Some believe me to be a blogging machine. I simply chose to manage my energy to energize myself for the blogging long haul. Exhaustion cannot overtake an energized, calm, grounded blogger.

3: Break Hourly

Break hourly, or breakdown from exhaustion. Bloggers often tire because bloggers sit down in front of a laptop and do not get up until 8 hours later. Sitting for hours in a row is murder on your neck, back and legs but especially saps your energy. No one feels good sitting all day long. Human beings need to move around, to get up, to walk around, to keep your energy flowing. Break for 5-10 minutes hourly. Walk around the house. Stroll through nature. Do a few push ups or sit ups. Breathe deeply. Energize yourself to overcome blogging fatigue

4: Never Set Unrealistic Goals

Babies need to learn how to crawl, then stand, then walk, then jog, then run, then sprint. Babies do not jog, run and sprint until most kids turns 3-4 years old. My athletic niece began running fast after turning 4 years old months ago. Why do bloggers foolishly set the unrealistic goal of trying to sprint before being able to crawl? I can write and publish up to 10 blog posts daily because I have 15,000 hours of blogging practice under my belt. I only wrote 300 words before writer’s block leveled me, some 10 years ago. 

Bloggers with no experience try to work 18 hour days in order to earn 6 figures in a year. Every single time, these bloggers burnout and quit from over-exhaustion. Never be greedy or desperate because fear drives you to set unrealistic goals impossible to reach. Relax. Ground yourself in reality. Success can and will be yours if you generously, patiently and persistently blog. Take your time. Stick around for a while because pros go pro after 1000’s of blogging hours, spanning years of their lives.


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