Why Try Sprinting Before You Crawl Blogging-Wise?

Why Try Sprinting Before You Crawl Blogging-Wise? 2
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I began meditating daily again a few weeks ago.

I learned my meditating – and life – lesson; start off with short, sweet sitting sessions. Gradually work your way up to longer sessions over weeks, then months.

Trying to meditate too long, too quickly, results in not meditating but thinking, feeling and fidgeting.

Crawl, before you sprint. Life-wise. Blogging-wise.

Struggles met me for a long time because I tried to be a master blogger by sprinting through the blogging process. I forced things. I greedily, desperately attempted to be a pro blogger in weeks or months. If I worked hard enough and long enough daily, success would find me fast. Right? Wrong. REALLY wrong.

The exact opposite happened. Forcing things repels success. I struggled, failed and even considered quitting because I felt so frustrated with the blogging process. But this failure made perfect sense. I tried to sprint before I even knew how to crawl. Nature does not work that way. Success is progressive.

What happens if you try to sprint before crawling with your blog? Rushing the process leads to pain, suffering and failure. Why do you believe you can master blogging overnight if you have no idea how to blog the right way? Patience, young one.

First, be a blogging baby. Learn how to crawl. Buy a blogging course. Learn how to blog the right way, from the course. Take notes. Study the notes. Follow the advice. Put your new blogging knowledge into action. This is crawling. Success will find you but your pro blogging career is well down the road. Relax. Good things take time, and generous service, patience and persistence. See the journey through. Slow down. Calm down. You’ll be crawling for a while.

After crawling for a good 4-10 hours daily, for 3-6 months, stand up. Crawling no longer serves you because you reaches the next stage of development. Reach the next stage of blogging growth. After standing for a few months, slowly, surely, take your first step. Good. You’re getting there. Slowly, but surely. Progress is slow and steady, but you are moving forward. Steps evolve into walking, and walking evolves into jogging, and jogging evolves into running, and running evolves into sprinting, but only after years and 1000’s of blogging hours. Nothing happens overnight. All blogging growth feels progressive, based on your effort and patience.

I can sit down and write this post in 10 minutes. Why? I blogged for 15,000 hours. I spent 15,000 hours progressing from crawling to sprinting. Give your life to blogging, be patient, trust the process and you will do wonderful things over 1000’s of hours. Begin crawling. Beginning with a wild sprint ensures you fall flat on your blogging face. No one is that good. No one sprints before crawling because blogging growth is slow, steady and progressive.

No matter how hard you work and how long you work for, no new blogger sprints. Impossible. Even if you blogged for 18 hour days, 7 days a week, no one rushes the success process. Burn out meets bloggers who work like beasts to speed up the success process because success takes its sweet time. Success cares not about your tight timelines and wild sprinting. Work like a beast. Success still moseys along, slow and steady. Slow down, calm down and crawl. No blogger skips any steps in the growth process by working hard. Every newbie blogger needs to crawl, slowly and steadily, first.

How about learning how to blog the right way, patiently and persistently? Slow down. Calm down. Learn the blogging basics. Stick to these basics from a relaxed, trusting energy. Crawl. Then stand. Then take each step patiently until you sprint. Put years into the process because it takes that long – along with 100o’s of blogging hours – to gain skills enough to be able to sprint.

Success will find you years down the road after you put in your 1000’s of blogging hours.

But first you need to crawl before you can do anything else blogging-wise.

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