3 Better Blogger Networking Tips

3 Better Blogger Networking Tips 2
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If you know anything about networking, blogger outreach comes to mind. But blogger outreach seems to be taught all wrong these days. One quick scan of email inboxes, Messenger and DMs reveals how bloggers need to put more attention and energy into doing outreach the right way.

I recently closed my contact page and moved my email link solely to my about page. I had to limit access to myself to conserve my energy.

Why? People network improperly. I saved my time and energy, and instantly connected with more discerning, genuine people by removing my contact page.

I suggest you avoid doing this until you get super clear on your intent. New bloggers likely need keep their contact page prominent to grow business for a bit.

Smart blogger networking tips exceed silly blogger outreach tips bandied about by manipulative types.

Peep ’em.

Before we dive in, make sure to buy my eBook for a handy networking guide:

13 Steps to Make Your Blogger Outreach Campaign Sizzle

1: Guest Post Genuinely

Rather than asking a stranger for a link mention – for free – how about writing and submitting a valued, genuine guest post for a blogger in your circles?

Of course you need to develop friendships to gain top blogger trust but you can likely submit and place excellent, value-rich guest posts now on lesser read blogs. So….do it.

Do not pitch. Provide. Offer your fellow blogger a valuable guest post. Do your best job. Meet your fellow blogger with a sweet guestie to build your outreach campaign on a rock solid foundation.

2: Promote Bloggers on Your Blog

What does it take to mention a blogger generously on your blog? Like, zero effort. But few bloggers do this.

I do it regularly; easy way to make friends, to amplify my success and to help my readers with valued blogging pros who offer standout blogging advice.

Link to bloggers on your blog. Interview bloggers. Help bloggers. Do your best to note as many bloggers as possible through your posts, in natural genuine, persistent fashion.

Even noting one blogger weekly on your blog creates lasting, powerful, mutually beneficial friendships. Feature bloggers on your blog. Give up your online real estate. Be generous, genuine and helpful. Do blogger outreach right.

3: Give Give Give and Do Not Try to Get

Every blogger who befriends me generously approaches me with a mindset of service and assistance. Every blogger I forget approaches me trying to get a link on my blog, trying to place a guest post on my blog, or trying to place a sponsored post on my blog for $5 or some low number like that.

Give, give and give some more and do not try to get, for better blogger outreach. Retweet a blogger. Ask for nothing in return. Mention a blogger on your blog. Buy their eBook or course.

Be generous. Ask for nothing. Help them out. Release expectations. Prove that you are interested in them; not in what they can do for you or give you quickly. Most bloggers struggle with blogger outreach because they try to GET before GIVING.

Most bloggers try to manipulate other bloggers into giving them what they want, without offering something of immense value or gaining the trust of top blogger, by generously helping them.

Do outreach effectively. Give freely. Receive easily. I always help top bloggers and ask for nothing. I do not try to get anything from them.

Friendships form organically. Top blogging buddies promote me, endorse me and buy my stuff, boosting my getting without me asking for a thing.

Effectively engaging in blogger outreach takes time and energy.

Be patient. Be generous. Relax. Trust.

Do blogger outreach effectively.

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