How to Dig Deep When Blogging Times Get Tough

How to Dig Deep When Blogging Times Get Tough 2
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I think of tough blogging times during my early years. I slammed into resistance later in my career, too. I had to learn how to dig deep when things got tough. Every blogger needs to learn and develop this skill to become a professional blogger.

Blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes. No doubt about it. Winners find a way through. Everybody else quits.

Are you facing tough blogging times?

Follow these tips to dig deep and succeed.

Be More Generous

Any tough blogging time usually relates to money or traffic issues. Money and traffic issues dissolve into generosity and grow into more problems with stinginess. Be generous. Help people for free. Gain skills, exposure and credibility. Drive increased traffic. Boost your blogging profits. Follow the simple, generous blogger path to succeed.

Blogging became easier to me the moment I made a blanket decision to help as many people for free as humanly possible daily. From my guest posts, to blog posts, to videos, to podcasts, the traffic and money flowed as my generosity flowed.

Dig deep. Help more people for free. Coast through tough blogging times.

You will never go wrong helping people for free. You will only gain. Be generous. Publish more blog posts, guest posts and videos. Spread your help through free content. More traffic and profits are on the way.

Invest in Resources

Invest in blogging courses, eBooks and coaching to dig a bit deeper. You cannot get through tough times with the same mindset that created the tough times. Resources simply expand your awareness. Resources change your mindset, strategy and overall blogging approach.

For example, let’s say you have slammed into the same obstacles for many years.

Now it is time to change your strategy, but how? You have no idea. Why? You are not a professional, experienced blogger who knows how to succeed. So you invest in my blogging course, listen to the lessons and realize you need to dig deeper, face, feel and release fears, to get through obstacles.

Resources wake you up. Resources give you clear foundations upon which to build a successful blog. Resources are keen, wise investments that allow you to dig deeper and move toward success during tough blogging times.

Spend Significant Time Managing Your Energy

As my blogging growth accelerates, I spend about 3 and a half hours daily managing my energy between meditating, yin yoga, Kriya yoga and exercising.

Why? Spending time managing your energy expands your awareness, helping you dig deeper, into fears, so you can feel these fears and grow quickly. When times get tough, fear feels strong.

Fear IS strong. You face, feel and release the fear by expanding your awareness to the point where you fully hug the fear. Energy management serves as a critical step in expanding your awareness relatively quickly. Dig deeper into fear. Feel the fear. Release the fear. Blogging times improve because you unburdened yourself from deep fears. Following an energy management ritual served as the catalyst.

For example; during my lean blogging times I spent little time and effort on energy management. Makes perfect sense. I faced tough times because I buried and resisted fears I was unaware of.

But digging deeper, and diving into energy work, I soon faced, felt and released deep fears. As the deep fears vanished, so did the struggle and tough times because I generously gave of my time and talents and simply succeeded through my generosity and trust.

Blogging gets easier when you face the fears fueling tough times.

Embrace those energies. Release those energies. The generous, trusting, calm, loving blogger you become sets you up to experience stunning success online. But you need to dig deep and face these fears to accelerate the process.

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