1 Wicked Mental Block to Blogging Wealth

1 Wicked Mental Block to Blogging Wealth 2
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I recall my early blogging days. I struggled horribly. Like a fish out of water, I flipped and flopped here and there. Money? Forget about it. Traffic? Yeah, right.

Nothing seemed to come together for me.

I felt jealous of highly successful, prospering bloggers. My envy grew. So did my failure. Wealthy bloggers seemed lucky. Why did they all avoid or miss the heavy obstacles I have to face? I secretly hated a few for their success. NOT FAIR! Of course, I soon learned how these rocking bloggers I envied had faced far stiffer challenges than I had, at that point. Successful, happy bloggers face the deepest fears to become happy, successful, compassionate and humble.

Slowly, but surely, I owned this wicked block to blogging wealth: being jealous of successful bloggers is the quickest way to both block profits and sustain failure.

Envy cripples you because you believe you cannot have what other bloggers have. Not true. We live in abundance. We can all have it all but need to face, feel and release nasty, fear-based mental blocks, to experience blogging success.

Jealousy is perhaps the most damaging emotion because you envy that which you allegedly want. Bloggers want money but envy wealthy bloggers for their largesse. Guess what happens next? Money sprints from you. Profits flee from you. Even though you and I live in abundance, if you envy wealth, wealth stays away from you. Even though you and I live among immense riches, wealth-producing ideas surrounding us 24-7, 365, if you hate someone for their big bucks, big bucks will hate you and evade you.

Blogging Is Energy

Blogging is an energy game. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to hating those with money and you emit a loud and clear signal: 

“I hate money!”

Money gets the message and avoids you like the plague. But appreciating wealthy bloggers sends out the loud and clear signal:

“I appreciate money!”

Immediately, appreciating money moves you into a more abundant, generous, prolific energy. This is one secret to me publishing up to 14 posts daily between my blog and guest posts. I cultivate appreciation for life, love for friends and gratitude for service I render. I humbly feel thankful that I developed my skills to the point where I guest post 5, 6 or 7 times daily. Naturally, emitting this appreciative vibe and generous service allows me to profit. But only because I owned, felt and released my wealth-blocking, jealous vibes.

I began to appreciate successful bloggers and even celebrated their success as if it were my own. I also learned from these icons versus criticizing these pros. Wealthy bloggers spoke of being generous, humble and grateful for success. Slowly but slowly, I cultivated these habits, feeling more generous, abundant, grateful, appreciative and wealthy. My inner vibe began mirroring back to me as inspired ideas, generous actions and more profits.

I shifted from being jealous to being appreciative of successful bloggers. Making this quantum leap allowed me to experience more worldly success, too. But I had to become hyper aware of jealousy arising in my being, along with distancing myself from envious, failing bloggers, who attempted to poison my mind with their lecherous, envious ways.

Appreciate success. Success will expand in your blogging experience.


Making the shift from being jealous of top bloggers to appreciating these pros may feel uncomfortable at first. Ego stings. Mind fights you. Society may believe you’re a total dope for appreciating success. How do you do it? How can you do this uncomfortable but freeing thing? I wrote an eBook to help you in this regard. Buy it here:

How to Master Doing Freeing But Highly Uncomfortable Stuff

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A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

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