Did You Know This About Your Blogging Journey?

Did You Know This About Your Blogging Journey? 2
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Your blogging journey will be unlike any other blogger journey, ever.

Have you really thought of this truth?

My blogging journey is writing and promoting 120 plus eBooks, among other things. Who else took this blogging journey? No one. Who will take this blogging journey? No one. Even though future bloggers may write and self-publish more than 120 plus eBooks, no blogger takes my identical journey because we all blog a different path. Even following steps from pros does not ensure you travel identical paths. I may advise you to guest post and comment genuinely. Take each step diligently. But know how taking those steps does not mean you have the same exact blogging experience as I. Never happens. Sure you can and will live your blogging dreams but the pure experience of how you succeed and struggle, win and lose, and ultimately, reach your dreams, will be different than any blogger’s journey because just like snowflakes, no two are alike.

Stop trying to fit in. Hug your genuine nature. Be at peace with walking a blogging path quite unlike all other bloggers. I used to worry about how I blogged because it seemed vastly different than other bloggers. But one day, I appreciated my unique blogging nature because my style made me stand out…..in a good way. Standing out in a good way accelerated my blogging success. While bloggers almost always design eBook covers totally reflecting the eBook title, I simply plastered one of my travel images and the Blogging From Paradise brand logo across every cover. Different. Branding. This is MY blogging journey, the journey allowing me to stand out from the blogging crowd.

But making my journey MY journey felt scary sometimes. Folks seemed critical of what I did at times because I deviated from the norm. Stepping away from the status quo also ensured I doubted myself quite a bit too, because it always feels frightening to go a journey, solo, for some time. I did it. Thank goodness. But stepping away from the crowd does scare ya at least a little bit. Be with these natural feelings. Go on your path.

Own your blogging path. Do not judge yourself for following your heart. This is how you succeed. Embrace your uniqueness. Super model Cindy Crawford was told to remove her mole because experts said imperfections would not be tolerated. Turns out, the mole made her an icon. Movie star Arnold Schwartzenegger struggled to learn English and Hollywood types told him he had to lose his funny-sounding accent, to star in flicks. Guess what? His accent made him a star of stars, allowing him to stand out. 

Hug your individuality. Embrace your unique nature. No one succeeds by following the herd because the herd is the herd, for good reason. People who mimic one another live mediocre lives. Ditto for bloggers. Following people ensures you become another average, ho-hum, blogger. Blaze your own blogging trail. Be bold. Be you. Be an up and coming blogger who owns your unique, one of a kind blogging journey, who rises to the top of your blogging niche.

I would never be the blogger I am today unless I deviated from the norm to do things differently. Do your own blogging thinking. Find YOUR style. Never mimic top pros because people spot a copy cat a mile away. Readers just follow the Real Blogging McCoy and ignore the poser. Do yourself a favor. Own your greatness by blogging your way, in your style. 


Do you feel scared to take your authentic blogging journey? Stepping away from the herd feels scary at first. I wrote an eBook to help you conquer fear. Buy it here:

6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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