How Quickly Do You Move out of Low Energy Blogging Circles?

How Quickly Do You Move out of Low Energy Blogging Circles? 2
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I had an offline experience earlier today teaching me to move well outside of certain circles. We see evidence of these urges toward shedding worn out bonds to move towards fresh, freeing bonds, quite often. Sometimes, the low energy bonds barely have time to materialize, as was the case this morning. We spent a few hours connecting with people before knowing we had to move on.

Nice, kind, genuine, generous people still may not be good for you or for your life. My wife and I moved on quickly. We learned our lesson in the past. Now we surround ourselves with love, freedom, fulfillment and high energy folks to reap the sweet rewards of aligning with higher energies. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Giving your energy to positive, uplifting, generous, abundant, clear people lets each energy grow in your experience. Letting each energy grow in your experience increases your freedom. Every human craves greater freedom.

Blogging mirrors life offline. Hanging in lower energy circles promotes your blogging failure. Fear-driven bloggers influence you to do fear-driven things. Doing fear-driven things leads to online failure. But being aware of low energy blogging circles challenges you sometimes. Bloggers feel comfortable hanging out with certain bloggers. Perhaps you bonded with blogging buddies 5 years ago. You grew by doing freeing but uncomfortable stuff during the 5 year stretch; your friend did binding, comfortable things. Guess who you need to let go? Even though bonds seem strong, choosing comfort over freedom influences you to make comfortable, binding decisions.

Who do you need to let go in order to grow? Never make letting folks go personal, for either you or your former blogging buddy. Lower energy blogging buddies are usually awesome people. Kind, generous and genuine, nice but struggling bloggers do their best to help and may be of some assistance but their struggles, failures and mental blocks tend to create a rough influence on your blogging campaign. Surround yourself only with higher energy folks. Release lower energy folks. Clear your blogging circles of fear to allow in greater love, abundance and success.

As I wrote in my eBook for thinking like a successful blogger, blogging success is an inside game. As within, so without. Knowing this, your environment – and the blogging friends you keep – reflect back to you the energy you predominantly vibe at, within. Point blank; how you choose to think, feel and act most of the time dictates who you network with blogging-wise.

Surround yourself with high energy bloggers. Seek out blogging leaders. Be generous, genuine and patient. Posture yourself. Successful bloggers gravitate toward bloggers who maintain a posturing, confident, clear energy. Be with these bloggers. Hang with these bloggers. Serve these bloggers. Expect nothing in return. Ask for nothing in return. Earn the right to their attention. Gain their trust. Networking in higher circles reveals a clearer picture of success. Literally, you begin to visualize the success of pro bloggers around you to begin manifesting greater success for yourself.

Be all about networking with pro bloggers rocking out their niches of choice. Let go all other bloggers. As always, this process of moving from lower energy blogging circles to enter into higher energy blogging circles feels uncomfortable sometimes but frees you, every time. Remember that freedom meets you outside of your blogging comfort zone. Be with uncomfortable feelings. Networking with pros may trigger low energy beliefs and self-conscious leanings that need to go for you to become more successful blogger. Face, feel and release lower energy feelings. Move into higher energy circles.

Let go.


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