1 Way to Get a Caffeine-Like Kick with Your Blogging Efforts

1 Way to Get a Caffeine-Like Kick with Your Blogging Efforts 2
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Have you hit the blogging doldrums?

We have all been there.

I feel sluggish sometimes, too. Human beings feel tired at times. Bloggers appear to lose their energy. Every blogger experiences this on their intimate journey.

No matter pro, newbie or all bloggers in between, sometimes we need a little wind in the blogging sails. Even I get as sluggish as a drunk snail trying to move through frozen molasses, here and there. Ok not often. But I need a little blogging pick me up from time to time. Kinda like Blogging Coffee. Or Red Bull. What do I do? How can you get a caffeine-like kick?

Hang out with successful bloggers.

Learn from successful bloggers. Admire their success. Pay close attention to how they design their blogging day. Bar none, this is one quick way to recharge yourself with an energy boost because you literally feast on the energy of a high-vibing human being. Nope; you do not steal their energy, like some energy vampire. You just take a few energy nibbles to sustain yourself for your blogging journey. Think energy snack. Not energy buffet. No need to be a fat pig. Eat like a bird. All you need is a little bit of nibbling to recharge yourself for your blogging journey.

Imagine if you wanted to circle the globe but feel a little hopeless now. Blogging seems to be going nowhere. Like a cat chasing its tail….you just never get what ya want! Goodness, this feels terrible. But one quick visit to my blog offers you….hope! Hope springs eternal. I circled the globe through blogging. Plus you see images of me all over rocking paradises, in the tropics, all over the globe. Maybe you can do it too. Yes! You *can* do it too. Why? You feasted on my energy for a few moments. Feeling my loving, generous, fun vibe, you recharged your energy, moving out of fear-vibe toward love-vibe. Feels better, right?

Maybe you feel stupid overwhelmed with your blogging duties while working a full time job. How in the heck do you get everything done and still have a social life? After stopping by my eBooks page and scanning for a minute, you see this read and buy it:

10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Bloggers

Aha! Hope! Energy! Once again, nibbling on my energy and investing money in one of my resources gives you greater energy for your journey. Again; picture that caffeine effect. A kick in the blogging pants. A nudge toward success, when you need it. All moves toward greater growth and fulfillment the moment you associate with compassionate, successful, high energy bloggers. We all need it. We need the help of successful friends. Nobody goes lone wolf and succeeds. No blogger succeeds going the journey solo. Like a Cup of Joe, we need that little caffeine-like infusion from time to time. Friends supply the energy. Blogging Big Dawgs offer you the infusion. But you need to reach out to them, to humble yourself and to take advantage of their generosity, to access this vital kick.

Reach out to pros. But first, humble yourself. I was such a blogging nit wit for many years. I NEEDED to do this blogging bit solo because my ego wished to call the shots. What a moron I was. Slowly but surely, being humbled by life, I did a fine job making friends with top pros and gaining energetic momentum through our bonds. I learned from these pros and also saw hope from their example, where there was once only bleakness. Things changed. But only because I got my caffeine injection through our bonds.

Reach out. Learn from the best. See hope, through their inspirational example. Guys, you can do this. Honest. But you need to reach out to the Blogging Big Dawgs for an inspiration infusion, sometimes. Just the way it is.

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