1 Key to Being a Professional Blogger

1 Key to Being a Professional Blogger 2
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Do smart stuff for thousands of hours. Keep doing smart stuff even if it feels tough to do smart stuff. Do smart stuff when it feels fun, too.

Pro blogging is pretty much…that.

You cannot do dumb stuff and succeed. Spamming does not work. Nor does pitching bloggers with unsolicited emails, being a stranger, on the blogging outside looking in. How can you succeed as a blogging stranger? You cannot. Insiders become pro bloggers. Insiders generously serve fellow bloggers – the smart stuff – for many thousands of hours, to get connected and to succeed.

Think of it this way; today I will place 5 or more guest posts on blogs whose owners I befriended generously. That is a smart use of my time because guest posting is an effective means of increasing blog traffic and blogging profits. But guaranteed, thousands of bloggers spend those same 6 hours today blindly pitching strangers. Blindly pitching strangers is about as intelligent as spitting in the wind. Blindly pitching strangers is as smart as poking a tiger with a branding iron. Not too smart. So naturally, none of these pitching bloggers go pro because none do smart stuff, routinely.

Plus, add the thousands of hours factor, too. You need to be ALL IN 100% to become a pro and good things, well, good things take time and generous service. Like I note in my eBook:

7 Tips to Become a Professional Blogger Who Blogs from Paradise

you need to do freeing but uncomfortable things on this blogging journey. No blogger gets a free lunch.  Putting in that generous service and significant time feels hella challenging sometimes because who wants to face fears again and again on this journey? No one enjoys facing fear routinely. But face fears you must because blogging for thousands of hours brings up all types of energies, mental cross currents and all that jazz we need embrace, feel and release, to succeed.

Do smart stuff. Do that stuff persistently. Succeed. This seems to be the blogging journey all professional bloggers walk for years of their lives to go pro. Nobody takes short cuts. If short cuts existed, we would have known of the short cuts some 10-20 years ago, when people began blogging.

If you could succeed doing unintelligent stuff like spamming or blind pitching, all pro bloggers would have discovered this great secret, and we’d not waste time creating helpful content and building strong bonds generously. We’d spam and blind pitch strangers to succeed. Alas, neither approach works. Create value. Make friends. Do smart stuff. Take this blogging journey for thousands of hours. Spend years developing your expertise, Succeed. Go pro.

Nobody succeeds overnight. No blogger goes pro doing ineffective, unintelligent stuff. Trust pro bloggers. Pros go pro for good reason. Top bloggers stick to the fundamentals that other pros teach, preach and live, to go pro. Nobody discovers some miraculous short cut and hides it because if short cuts existed, we’d try the hacks for ourselves, succeed and then, the word would be out. No my friends; blogging is creating and connecting generously for thousands of hours, along with opening multiple streams of income, to reach the pro level. Either do it and go pro. Or avoid doing it, and do not go pro. Your choice.

Be prepared. Sometimes, the journey to going pro feels uncomfortable. Plus after going pro, you will feel uncomfortable sometimes. We are humans. We experience a wide range of emotions. Get ready to unearth lots of energetic stuff as you proceed.

My neck feels stiff now as I type these words. Nap time now. But I preferred to nap 3 hours ago. Why wait? Pros get the job done by doing freeing but uncomfortable stuff, sometimes. Per Uncle Ben Parker of Spider-Man fame, with great power comes great responsibility. Listen to Uncle Ben. Do smart stuff for thousands of hours. Go pro, yo.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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