1 Overlooked Time Saving Tip for Busy Bloggers

1 Overlooked Time Saving Tip for Busy Bloggers 2
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I am promoting my blog time saving eBook today:

10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Bloggers

Got me thinking…..one super overlooked strategy gets ignored by most bloggers….but saves oodles of time for top bloggers. The tactic? Create as much content as possible because every piece of content serves as a brand advocate and saves you time. But do so from a relaxed, detached, deliberate, value-added energy. No rushing. No numbers game. Chill and be generous.

For example, peep this guest post I publish on Blog CD. Sure I could try to cold pitch 100 or 200 folks about my above eBook but that is a foolish, asinine use of my time. I am a busy dude. No way I can afford to waste 4 seconds, let alone, 4 minutes. But digging deeper, think about how publishing this single guest post puts me in front of many prying eyes. Major league time saver.

Every post I publish and every guest post I publish serves as a brand advocate, promotional tool and marketing strategy, saving me all sorts of time. Most bloggers overlook this simple, powerful time saving strategy. Especially busy bloggers, to their detriment.

Bloggers complain about having no time. Some work full time jobs. Others find themselves busy with raising a family. But in the same breath, these bloggers do the foolish thing of wasting precious hours of blogging time cold pitching people, BSing on social media and obsessing over blogging non-essentials.

Be wise.

Use time intelligently.

Busy bloggers in particular should buy my eBook above and get stupid busy creating as much content as possible. Every piece of content you create saves you time because imagine each post, guest post and video promotes you, your brand and your business, 24-7, 365. because the internet is forever. Think about it. Publish content. Content circulates. Content saves you time. Every time you publish a helpful piece of content, that content saves you time by gaining you exposure and business. Sounds sweet to add that passive element to your blogging campaign, eh? Of course, this sounds sugary sweet, delectable and delightful.

But you need to publish content on the freaking regular to really tap into the power of time-saving, passive blogging. Actively work to create passive assets that save you time as you engage in other blogging activities, or, in offline activities. You choose. Keep leveraging. Keep creating. Save time.

Content works for you while you work to create more pieces of helpful, targeted content. Think about how you can help people, address their needs and spread your word in time efficient fashion. Guest posting and publishing posts to your blog are two of the best ways to reach these goals in as little time as possible. Every post I publish here allows me to reach you, Sazzadul’s rocking readers, saving my time, versus trying to cold pitch you individually. Most busy bloggers tackle time issues as intelligently as a raccoon with a bucket stuck on its head, running around blind to a bucket, slamming into walls, falling flat on their face.



Every blog post, guest post, video and podcast you create saves your time because you reach an increasing range of folks with one piece of content, then, more folks with the 2nd piece of content, then, you reach more folks and save your time as you create more and more content. Plus, your content promotes your business, blog and brand, around the clock, while you sleep, work and enjoy life offline.

Sounds like a square deal to me.

Stop obsessing over the clock.

Start saving time.

Publish content like a machine.

Be an effective, efficient blogger.

Blogging never needs to be difficult, challenging or overwhelming. Simply be more prolific to make content – and time – work effectively for you.

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