How Do You Blog Under Pressure?

How Do You Blog Under Pressure? 2
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Technically, I am not under pressure now. I just blog.

But I do have until 1-2 AM to write and publish 3 guest posts, to network generously and to do my 90 minutes of yoga. Oh yeah; I gotta eat dinner too. I do not deem each activity as adding any pressure to my being but know old school me flipped out when I appeared to be well behind, duties-wise. Blogging fascinates me. We learn much about self through this medium. I learned way back how I FEARED amply enough that I needed to rush through days to get stuff done before following days, or else, failure followed. Facing, feeling and releasing fears fueling these beliefs revealed how my feelings influenced my being and my being determined how I blogged, setting up my blogging results.

I felt pressurized years ago because fear in mind created pressure. I learned blogging under pressure revealed fears I had to face, feel and release in order to blog clearly, confidently and from a place of trusting, knowing posture. I blog now from a chill vibe, largely; I know I will get my work done but do not feel horribly attached to getting work done. I get the work done because I do not NEED to get it done. I cannot explain the feeling-intent; one simply needs to conquer some fears to embody the mindset and to put the concept into action.

How do you blog under pressure? Do you fall like a house of cards? Do you get flustered and give up? How do you respond to blogging pressure? Or do you flat out react wildly to blogging pressure? Much can be learned by observing how you respond to situations triggering various fears. Again; at 5:15 PM I have quite a bit of blogging work to do but because I felt many fears over years and trained my mind to be open, I know I will get my blogging work done. I have no doubts or fears dancing around in mind; I will put in the work, do my yoga, eat dinner and get to bed at a decent hour. Who am I kidding LOL? I will likely go to bed late but will also sleep late to ensure I am well-rested, refreshed and energized for tomorrow.

Practice observing fear arising in your mind as you face potentially pressurized situations. Most humans react negatively to pressure because they cower to fear versus facing, feeling and releasing deep fears fueling the pressurized feelings in their beings. I had to develop the skill of observing and feeling fear versus giving in to fear and letting fear screw up my mind. Once you decide to blog from fear you literally cannot see clearly. You do foolish things, rush and do a poor job or quit doing your blogging job. In any case, sit with your fears. Observe your fears. Release your fears. Nothing feels as rough as feeling fears but liberating yourself from these energies feels fun, freeing and peace-inducing because more love remains, and only live is real, true.

Face fear feeding pressures. Relax. Humans choose to add pressure to self by resisting fears. Facing, feeling and releasing the fears fueling pressure literally dissolves the pressure. Phew! Doesn’t that feel better? Feeling fear feels bad for a few moments but blogging pressure-free, from a chill energy, feels relaxing.

Developing the mindset of a prospering blogger feels challenging sometimes. Buy my eBook for help in that area. Thinking like a pro is always worth it in the long run. Do mindset work now. Benefit over your long term blogging career. All inner growth meets outer, worldly success, over the long haul.

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