Are You a Lost Blogger?

Are You a Lost Blogger? 2
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I just received an email from someone who wants a link on my blog.

He has a little known blog with little traffic and not too much clout. No worries, as he is a new blogger. But after quoting my premium services pricing to him, letting him know I would take him on as a client, he explained how he has no budget for paying for my premium services, but he will gladly trade a free link for a link to my blog. Do you realize how silly that sounds? Obviously, he did not, because he is one of the many lost blogging souls out there. I do have compassion for these folks. I know fear drives them to be lost. But scanning my email spam folder revealed another crew of bloggers lost in fear, cold pitching me opportunities, promising quick riches and doing all things guaranteeing their long term failure.

Be straight with yourself. No lost soul finds their way by refusing to admit or see how lost they are. If you are deluded enough to believe a pro blogger will work for free, accepting a link to your unknown blog, as a means of payment, when they have a well-read blog….you are utterly lost. Fear grips you. Being compassionate, I write posts like these because no one grows by not facing the truth and my duty as a pro blogger is to explain how to blog the right way….and….how not to blog.

Find yourself by being truthful with yourself. Cold pitching bloggers ridiculous offers, spamming “get rich quick” schemes and wanting something for nothing all indicate you are lost, gone, way out in blogging left field. Own your fear. Turn in the opposite direction, not sprinting away from fear but move INTO fear, head on. Sure it feels uncomfortable to feel fear but the liberation tastes sugary sweet. Versus being lost, you see clearly. Now you know it’s time to generously create helpful content and to make friends with fellow bloggers. Do the right things. Blog the right way. Now you can position yourself to succeed. Why? You admitted being lost to change your direction, being guided by pro bloggers who know what it takes to succeed. Once you were lost; now you are found, so you can find the way to becoming a successful blogger.

No blogging shortcuts allowed, though. This gig ain’t about succeeding overnight. Quite to the contrary, long term blogging success requires a long term commitment to sharing value through content and by developing meaningful relationships with top bloggers in your niche. How? Help them. Assist them. Serve them. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing.  Relax. Express a genuine interest in fellow bloggers. Prove to them that you are interested in them, not in what they can do for you. In time, with patience, and persistence, pros befriend you as they grow to trust you. From there, you will never have any desire to cold pitch bloggers foolishly again because top pros teach you attraction marketing principles, and also, amplify your reach by beginning to promote you and endorse you….in some cases, at least.

I know you are up to blogging the right way but you need to own blogging mistakes you make right now. Admit the error in your ways. Move in a freeing direction but make a few pit stops at your fears to face, feel and release these tiresome, failure-inducing, energies. Fear cripples you but love prospers you. Let go these fears to be generous, patient, persistent and giving, all hallmarks of being a successful blogger.


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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Are You a Lost Blogger?”

  1. There are lots of bloggers around looking for every opportunity but few are those that are ready to think and work to build their sites.

    It’s great you shared your experience, I’ll be able to come up a good pitch

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