Why Taking Your Foot off of the Blogging Pedal May Help You over the Long Haul

Why Taking Your Foot off of the Blogging Pedal May Help You over the Long Haul 2
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Does this title sound confusing? Mr. Keep Your Foot on the Blogging Pedal advises you to move forward daily, slowly and surely. Perhaps you see me writing and publishing 5 or 10 posts and guest posts collectively in one day. How in the heck can I take my blogging foot off of the pedal? Why in the heck would I slow down and regroup?

Build your success momentum by nudging forward a few inches daily. Be persistent, patient and generous. All good. But sometimes, taking your foot off of the blogging pedal makes sense. Observe my podcast. I ceased recording and publishing one podcast daily a while ago. Doing this seemed to make me feel uncomfortable at first. I enjoyed publishing podcast episodes daily on one hand but doing so burned me out a bit too much.

I took it one step beyond; I only publish a podcast when I feel clear on it. I believe 1-2 weeks pass between me recording and publishing most episodes these days. Guess what? My last few episodes tripled in terms of listens. My plays jumped dramatically from a cumulative perspective too. How in the heck did my listens jump quickly by NOT publishing as many podcast episodes? Energy thing.

Letting go certain channels online allows the strategy or technique to ride a little bit. In essence, you allow the content to do what it does, allowing it to go a bit, to take off, to build its own steam. Content does promote itself organically – at least partially – if you publish valuable, targeted content goading people to promote the content. But you do not NEED people to promote your content in order to succeed; I had to make that clarification.

Sometimes, it pays to pull back because surrendering into the process – without actively publishing new content along certain channels – lets the numbers grow on their own as your content does what it is supposed to do. I cannot put this concept into words accurately, other than saying to allow your content to grow organically, by its own merit.

Publishing valuable content means the value of the content allows content to grow on its own steam. Think about something helpful you came across online. Do you share it, endorse it or spread the word on the content, without anyone asking you to do it? I do. I bet ya that you do, too.

Sharing or endorsing content based on its own merit reflects the detachment, surrender and posture of the blogger who created the content. Said blogger simply takes his foot off of the pedal for a bit – or longer – to allow the content to grow organically, on its own. Readers, listeners and viewers enjoy the content, promote the content and grow the readership of posturing bloggers organically so the blogger does not need to create and promote content obsessively like a machine to succeed online. Have a little faith in yourself and have a little faith in your content. Trust. Know that good content promotes itself quite nicely, if you give it a promotional nudge here and there.

Don’t get it twisted; I still advise to serve people generously. Keep publishing helpful content. But as you create from a relaxed, chill energy, taking your blogging foot off of the pedal can allow that content to ride a bit. Or, ceasing to publish new content across a specific channel – like me and my podcasts – allows things to multiply organically, exponentially, sometimes.

Nobody knows the channel to surrender to, save you, via your intuition. I felt letting go podcasting for a while was the way to go. I had pushed things a bit too much over the months. I knew to release the channel for a bit, or maybe, for a few more months. Intuitively, surrendering felt good, if a bit uncomfortable. I did get busy helping people through blogging and guest posting but even then, relaxed a bit on working these channels. Relax. Slow down. Calm down. Chill. Create generously then allow your content to grow by its own value, via its own steam.

One way to relax a bit is to drive Google traffic. Target readers. Drive passive traffic. Surrender a bit. Prosper. I recorded a video in Istanbul, Turkey a few years ago explaining how to rank on page 1 of Google for a competitive keyword. Watch it here:

How to Rank on Page 1 of Google for a Competitive Keyword

Check out the featured image of this guest post. I visited Bali 5 times since 2011. Surrendering to the process by taking my foot off of the blogging pedal here and there played a chief role in me retiring to a life of travel through blogging. Again guys; be at peace with listening to your intuition. Being able to listen to your inner guide nudges you in the right direction.


Do you want to retire to a life of travel like me? Blogging can play a chief role if you learn the art of surrender. But getting down the basics for circling the globe is another key factor in living this neat life. How can you do that?

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How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping (Part 2)

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