Do You Genuinely Need Blogging Help?

Do You Genuinely Need Blogging Help? 2
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The biggest blogging turning point for me was:

  • admitting to myself I had been struggling blogging-wise for quite a while
  • admitting that I needed blogging help from top bloggers
  • getting help from pros through their free and premium content
  • following helpful advice from pros patiently, persistently and generously

Everything changed by me admitting honestly to myself; I needed blogging help. I needed lots of blogging help. I did have an idea of how to succeed. But fear manifest as impatience, greed and general desperation nudged me to do genuinely dumb things. I paid the price for doing dumb blogging things, failing miserably for quite a long time.

I had a terrible time succeeding online because I stubbornly charged forward from a blind, ignorant energy. But everything changed the moment I admitted that I needed blogging help, then, I asked for help. The sting hurt my ego initially. I wanted to do everything on my own. Intending to fly solo meant I could win all of the glory. Yeah; that did NOT work out well at all.

Getting help from pros felt good. I felt humble. I also stopped playing the silly game of acting as if nothing seemed wrong with my blog. Ample seemed wrong. Finally, I owned my struggles. Hugging failure feels like food for the soul and poison for your ego. You know it’s the right thing to do as far as leading to successful blogging but it does sting your stupid little ego, which is a good thing, too.

Ask pros to help you. Invest money in their coaching, courses and services. Hands down, asking pros for help and following their advice changes the course of your blogging career overnight. One moment, everything seems to be falling apart.

But the next moment, you begin doing things the right way to allow success to follow. I had a horrible time building my blog traffic and profits, for a minute. But following pro blogging advice for just 2-3 days resulted in a traffic boost. Profits increased slowly but steadily, too.

Why? I began doing what worked because pros taught me to do what worked. I followed proven strategies. I began to succeed. Makes sense. Do what pros do. Succeed like pros. Be like pros. Follow their lead. Be smart. Be wise.

Nothing happens overnight, of course. Guaranteed, blogging success takes time, energy, effort, generosity and patience. Pros teach you this. Listening to professional blogger advice only conditions you to be patient, persistent and generous, the 3-headed marker of blogging success.

Genuinely, you need to know success is yours and trust yourself. Why? At times, the world appears to be against you. In those moments, people who trust themselves and trust in the blogging process never get bothered, deflated or fall hopeless in seemingly trying moments.

But bloggers only trust in themselves and trust in the blogging process by knowing that their blogging strategy is proven, sound and success-promoting. Have faith in your blogging strategy by following successful strategies from pro bloggers. Observe their results. Watch their process. Develop faith in their system. Follow their system with clarity, confidence and knowing that the system works and that you will succeed if you follow the strategy persistently.

Why do bloggers fail for years before admitting their strategy simply does not work? Pride. Vanity. Fear. Bloggers would rather save face and struggle for years versus admitting failure, humbling self and listening to successful bloggers. This is the stupid little ego I mentioned prior. Ego forces you to perceive the world through its pride, vanity and fears. But letting go ego just a little bit humbles you, makes you less vane and also makes you more fearless.

I confidently know my blogging stuff but open myself to proven advice from successful, pro bloggers, too. I admit I have plenty to learn. I do not have plenty to learn because I need blogging help in a desperate way. But I do have plenty to learn because every non-enlightened soul has ample to learn of self and life.

Ask for help. Stop struggling. Compassionate, heart-centered pros await to help you. Invest in coaching. Invest in courses. Invest in blogging eBooks. Even if it stings your ego, admitting that you need help leads to the fun and freedom you crave through blogging.

Never weigh help solely in terms of dollars and cents. I come across bloggers who complain about spending money on premium blogging resources. 5 years later, these bloggers still struggle horribly, priding themselves for being budget bloggers, and utterly wasting 5 years of their lives on unproven, failing strategies, all because they feared investing $500 in their blogging freedom. Madness. Think this one through guys.

Does wasting 5 years of your blogging life sound like it’s worth saving $500 in coaching or perhaps, a course? Wouldn’t you rather pull out your credit or debit card, invest $500 now, and learning how to blog the right way, so you can experience fun and freedom through the blogging medium? Plus you succeed more quickly because you follow the best advice from pros versus struggling and failing by following your own struggling, failing blogging system.

Admit struggles. Ask for help from blogging pros.

Right your course to position yourself to become a fun-loving, professional blogger.

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