Why Should You Be a More Creative Blogger?

Why Should You Be a More Creative Blogger? 2
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I feel uber appreciative Sazzadul gave me publishing rights on this awesome blog. So much fun helping you guys.

Guest posting stokes my creative fire. I enjoy helping you. I have fun creating. Sure success expanded for me through guest posting but the content I publish allows success to expand for you, too, if you follow my advice. We both win. I get to create. You get to consume, helping your blogging campaign.

From time to time, being creative does not only mean creating more content prolifically through blogging, guest posting, publishing podcasts and broadcasting live on Twitter and Facebook. Nope. Sometimes, being creative inspires you to think your way through, around, above and below blogging obstacles, to experience greater success and to avoid blogging struggles. I faced more obstacles than I can count during my 10 years blogging. But I patiently thought through each creatively to knife through the resistance and to accelerate my blogging success.

If you do not creatively think your way through blogging obstacles, struggle, failure and quitting follows. Obstacles appear to handcuff you. But like all appearances, this illusion is not true. YOU creatively think your way through the blogging obstacles. Everything is on you, hinging on your creative thinking.

Think your way around obstacles. Never complain, fight or act powerless. Way too many bloggers feel completely handcuffed at even a hint of resistance. Think about the last time blogging obstacles appeared to stop you dead in your tracks.

Simply being with obstacle induced fear, relaxing into the energy, feeling it and proceeding is hands down the quickest way to creatively think your way through obstacles.  All obstacles begin and end in mind. All obstacles seem to be figments of your imagination. If you imagine obstacles you can think your way around these energies because the resistance did not exist until you created the resistance in mind. Create it, then, un-create it. Think yourself through the obstacle.

All blogging obstacles seem to be easily solved if you relax and allow solutions to flow to you. Some solutions flow from other bloggers. Some solutions flow from readers. Some solutions flow from courses, eBooks or via coaching from established, seasoned, pro bloggers. The origin of the solution does not matter but relaxing, feelings fears and allowing in solutions does matter. Being creative seems to be impossible to panicked, frenzied bloggers because you cannot see and seize creative solutions by focusing deeply on the fear-obstacle that appears in your mind. Two different energies. Two different wavelengths.

Focusing on fear to clear it opens you up to relaxation. Feeling relaxed allows your creative faculties to move into overdrive. Being creative allows solutions into your mind. Relax. Chill. Feel fear. Release fear. See clearly. Think clearly. Seize solutions by thinking creatively. One cannot see problem and solution in the same moment because humans can only focus on one predominant emotion at a time. Fear = obstacle. Love = solution. Your decision.

Be creative, not a complainer. Endless solutions arise in careful, deliberate thought, pondering blogging obstacles. Think through, around, over or under blogging obstacles. Ask friends for feedback. Listen to readers. Ask fellow bloggers for their thoughts. Solutions await because you and I live in abundance. But you need to get creative in order to access these rich, good-feeling, solutions.

Ditto for being humble. Creative thinkers often ask blogging buddies, developers and designers for solutions to blogging problems. Or creative thinkers hire consultants and freelancers to solve problems. No; you do NOT have all the answers. But other humans and you, combined, do have all the answers. Be humble. Exhibit humility by asking other folks for feedback regarding your problems because sometimes, solutions flow from other human beings.

Spend more time in quiet. Relax. Allow fears fueling obstacles to appear on the screen on your mind. Feel and clear these fears to allow in solutions to your most pressing blogging problems. Being creative is much easier in a relaxing, calming, obstacle-free environment. Bloggers think clearly when no fear-resistance blocks unlimited creativity.

Remove the resistance to obstacles by facing, feeling and releasing your fears and the solutions begin to appear via your creative thinking. Sure the process feels uncomfortable but uncovering the freeing solution is well worth the discomfort.


Do you feel handcuffed by blogging obstacles?

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