Always Take Blogging One Day at a Time

Always Take Blogging One Day at a Time 2
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Bloggers can only do so much in one day. I am human. You are human. We are all human. Human beings can only do so much in a 24 hour time frame. Relax.

I can only promote my course and eBooks a few times during one day. But all those days add up to something special over years. 5 guest posts today totals 35 guest posts over a week. 35 guest posts per week totals 1,820 guest posts in a year. 1,820 guest posts floating around online with my eBooks and/courses attached leads to increasing blogging success over the long haul. Think of the cumulative effect of blogging. Focus on the total; not just the today. Doing a decent chunk of work today leads to amazing things, totally, many tomorrows down the road.

I cannot write and publish 1,820 guest posts daily. I cannot even write and publish 40 guest posts daily. Impossible. I am OK with being a human being, not some blogging cyborg.

However, some bloggers try to do inhuman, unrealistic amounts of blogging work in a single day. Burnout follows. Failure follows.

Take blogging one day at a time.

Do What You Can Today

Do what you can physically and mentally do today. Complete one day of tasks. Let today go. Move on to tomorrow. Blogging success is slow, progressive and steady. No one goes pro overnight but pros do simple, bite-sized things daily to go pro over years. Think of the 1,820 number. Realize how writing and publishing 5 guest posts daily seems difficult to most bloggers. I only do it because I spent years practicing my writing.

Do what you can possibly do today while understanding that success accumulates day after day. Writing and publishing 1 blog post daily leads to:

  • 7 posts per week
  • roughly 30 posts per month
  • 360 posts each year

Blogging success adds up over time but you need to calmly, patiently and generously do a realistic amount of work daily to become a professional blogger. Think realistic. Think human. Tests the limits of your comfort zone but never fall into delusion. Human beings do only so much in one day. Be at peace with this truth. Accept this fact. Be realistic to see spectacular results over the long haul.

Practice One Thing Many Times

Ancient wisdom explains how practicing one thing many times leads to great success. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Do one prime thing daily for years. Write posts – blog posts and guest posts – daily for years to be successful. Toss in a little bit of networking.

Specializing over the long haul accelerates your blogging success. But you can only do so much daily to sustain for years without burning out. Do 1 thing really, really well by doing the 1 thing many times. Become an authority in that skill. Stand out over the long haul by giving your attention and energy to mastering one expertise.

Tips for Taking Blogging One Day at a Time

Set realistic blogging goals. Never try to get rich quickly. Set an intent to free yourself through blogging over 3-5 years with slow, steady, continual daily effort.

Invest in a good eBook to keep you focused on your goals daily. May I suggest my goal-achieving eBook? Spending money on goal-achieving resources feels good because you have a guide handy to keep you on track. Buy and stay on purpose. Invest in your blogging education. Feel good about the blogging school of thought to follow by paying your online tuition.

Follow a daily energy management ritual. Doing Kriya yoga, yin yoga, power walking and meditating keeps me in the moment. Being in the moment allows me to proceed by taking blogging one day at a time. Follow a daily ritual to manage your energy. Spend 30 minutes or more grounding yourself. Being in the here and now influences you not to look forward in anxiety or backward in regret.

Visualize your dreams. See your dreams in vivid detail to know success is on the way. Visualize your ideal life to anchor yourself in the present moment. Seeing your dreams keeps you relaxed, calm and confident in blogging one day at a time. Think of visualizing as previewing life’s coming attractions. Get the image firmly planted in mind to be generous, patient and persistent day after day.


Blogging is between the ears. Slow down, calm down and take your time. Take blogging one day at a time to see this journey through over years. Every great journey proceeds step by step. No blogger takes a quantum leap; we cannot jump that far, nor do we own legs that long.

Do not look ahead to the future or toward the past. Now matters. Do what you can today from a relaxed, deliberate energy and be done with it. Proceed to blog tomorrow but take it one day at a time.

Develop a long term approach to blogging. See the journey through to become a professional blogger.

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