What is the Buyer Persona?

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If you are in the field of marketing, you have probably heard the term “buyer persona”.

Do you know, what does it mean?

If I simplify the definition, a buyer persona is a strong representation of your ideal customers. You identify persona based on research into the respected field you are in, as well as considering the historical data from your past and present clients, your agent notes, and so on. Most importantly, personas are meant to represent a specific segment of people who share common traits and goals.

“63% of consumers state that they would think more positively about a brand if it provided them content that was more valuable, interesting, or relevant.”

This statement of IBM’s marketing blog shows how strong the statement is! Because still in this global community, persona-based marketing system is the key to success in many businesses.

Buyer personas provide you with tremendous deep insights that incredibly works for your company or business. Due to the successful buyer persona, you can determine where to put your focus, how to guide product development and all these alignments across your company.

I hope, you have got an idea reading this snippet.

Sazzadul Bari
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Sazzadul Bari

Digital Marketing Strategist

Sazzadul Bari is the man behind BlogCD, a blogging resource site for bloggers. He is also the man behind WPFame & the CMO at wpWax, specializing in SMM, SEM, copywriting, outreaching, link building, list building, and lead generation.

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