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When blogging what are some things to consider
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I decided to dictate this blog post. So I decided to honor my intuition.

Trusting my gut never leads me in the wrong direction.  Trust your blogging gut. Listen to that small, still voice that leads you in the direction of least resistance. You move more quickly toward becoming a successful blogger by honoring your intuition.

But sometimes, trusting your blogging gut involves making uncomfortable decisions. I feel good typing. But trusting my intuition nudges me towards dictating this blog post versus writing the blog post. Sure it feels a little uncomfortable to speak versus writing. I need to edit dictated posts more. I also need to collect my thoughts in different fashion. But I dictate. Even if it feels uncomfortable I trust my gut because every time I trust my intuition I become successful more quickly.

 Not trusting my intuition leads me in toward more blogging resistance. I slammed into many struggles because I ignored my hunches. I used only logic to become a successful blogger. Unfortunately, people are not robots. We are dynamic.

You and I receive signals or hunches from a powerful, unlimited part of ourselves. Either trust this part of yourself and succeed with less resistance or ignore it and run into more resistance. Of course it feels uncomfortable to trust your intuition. Doing things differently pushes you outside of your comfort zone. But only uncomfortable decisions lead to increased blogging success. Comfortable, logical blogging decisions lead to years of struggle because blogging inside of your comfort zone guarantees that you avoid your fears.

 Avoiding your fears guarantees that you do not move toward success within a reasonable amount of time. Pay close attention to bloggers who seem stuck for years. These people never trust their gut. These folks use only logic to do comfortable things. This crowd struggles and fails because they take the resistant, struggling blogging path. Meanwhile, bloggers who trust their gut make uncomfortable decisions that feel fun, liberating and lead to less resistance in the process.

I might spend 7 minutes dictating this post and 5 minutes editing the post before publishing this. The less resistant path involves spending 12 minutes to dictate, edit and publish a blog post. But forcing my way through the more resistant path of typing a post guarantees I suffer AND spend more time and energy to get the post live.

 Either work hard to make your blogging job more difficult or trust your gut to make uncomfortable but less resistant decisions that lead to greater success quickly. Everything depends on your willingness to trust your blogging gut.

This part knows the way. But you have to listen to your intuition frequently to trust this higher side of your nature. Sometimes, you break many rules trusting your gut. I never built much of an email list and I never optimize my posts for Google. Yet I live a pretty cool life of circling the globe as a professional blogger. Why? I trusted my gut.

My intuition told me ignoring list building and Google traffic would free me to become incredibly prolific and generous. I trusted my gut even though most professional bloggers advise you to build your entire blogging business on list building and driving passive Google traffic. My intuition did not lead me wrong. But I had to feel a bit uncomfortable as I trusted my gut and went against popular blogging convention.


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