Never Attach to Backlinks from One Blog

Never Attach to Backlinks from One Blog 2
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I scanned a question today.

Someone asked for mission critical backlinks to gain from top digital marketing blogs. Do you see the problem there? Someone attaches to links from some authority blog so someone fears aka BELIEVES if they do not get the backlinks, failure results. Not true. Never true. Success never finds bloggers solely based on backlinks from respected blogs. Success finds generous bloggers who create, connect and trust in self, and trust in the blogging process, too. Do those things, get zero backlinks from successful blogs, and you will become highly successful.

Success is helping people generously for a long time and allowing success to find you through the least resistant, most appropriate, channels. Success is not in attachment, but, detachment from any one channel, including backlinks from a particular blog.

Never attach to backlinks from any one blog as being necessary to ensure your success because success only hinges on solving problems, being generous, trusting self and process, and being patient and persistent. Be those things and you will succeed. Backlinks likely flow to you too based on your generosity. But no blogger needs backlinks to succeed because nobody visits your blog or buys your eBooks based on seeing you scored a backlink from a high level blog.

Who does that? Nobody. I never followed a blogger or bought their stuff only because a serious, respected backlink changed my opinion. Who cares if a top niche blog links to you? I do not care. I only care if you help people generously, patiently and persistently.

Bloggers I follow pass the tests of generosity, patience and persistence. Virtually every successful blogger succeeded by helping people generously to increase their skills and exposure over a sustained period of time. Bloggers who fail terribly often trip over themselves, desperately scrambling, chasing and pestering top bloggers for link exchanges, guest post opportunities and link mentions.

Out of 10,000 plus cold pitches during my 10 years blogging, do you know how many times I mentioned a blogger on my blog who cold pitched me? About 5 times, if that, BUT only because the blogger approached me with a perfect glove-like fit for my readers. 5 out of 10,000 is a horrible percentage to play.  Imagine spending 12 hours a day blindly pitching top bloggers desperately for a backlink knowing you have a 0.05% chance of actually landing a link? I love you guys, but this is a stupid approach. YOU DO NOT NEED THE BACKLINK TO SUCCEED!

Never attach to a respected blogger or respected blog as the source of your success because all success flows from within you. Bloggers succeed because of their energy, their feelings, their belief system. Inside-out game, every time.

Spend the 12 hours generously helping readers through your blog, guest posting, commenting genuinely on blogs and by promoting bloggers on your blog and through social media. Success finds generous bloggers who help readers through a variety of channels. Success does not find bloggers because bloggers scored backlinks from top blogs.

I gained backlinks from Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur and Virgin. Did I become a billionaire after landing links on some of the top sites on earth? Of course not. I became successful because I helped a bunch of people by creating and connecting for hours daily, by trusting in the process and in self, and by seeing this journey through.


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