1 Wake Up Call Analogy for Bloggers

1 Wake Up Call Analogy for Bloggers 2
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Imagine landing a job.

Today is your first day.


But you call your boss. You tell him that you do not feel like working. You are just not feeling work today. Compassionate bosses may simply let you take the first day off; nervous first day jitters. Less compassionate bosses would fire you immediately because landing a job then telling your boss you do not feel like working the job flashes a dangerous red flag. Being lazy, uncommitted and flat out deluded about your duty warns bosses to get rid of you, sooner or later.

Imagine working for a compassionate boss. She allows you to take the first day off. But on day 2, you call in again, and, call out, telling your boss you do not feel like working, that you are not inspired to work. Every single boss will fire you after your 2nd call out day after your first 2 days at work. You chose to not commit to the job. Your former employer chooses not to commit to your:

  • training
  • paycheck
  • financial resources devoted to your employment

Everybody reading this post clearly understands why employers fire new hires who call out with a “I just do not feel like working” for their first 2 days on the job.

Few bloggers understand this analogy because most bloggers make the same excuses and expect to succeed, when failure follows 100% of the time. Bloggers do not get fired because bloggers work for themselves. Bloggers simply struggle, fail and quit because bloggers do not show up for their work and lay the foundation for a successful blogging career.

New bloggers make excuses like:

  • I do not feel like blogging
  • I do not feel inspired to blog
  • I am not feeling blogging

and do not blog-work at all for 1 day, 2 days, 30 days or 3 months. 3 months pass and you have not blogged one bit. You’re fired! You got fired after your second day of showing up. Being fired means you drive no traffic and make no money because you never blog. But even if you work-blog for 7 days in a row, for 10 hour days, you will only slowly and steadily drive a tiny bit of traffic. Imagine if you stop blogging for the next week because:

  • you do not feel like blogging
  • you do not feel inspired to blog
  • you are not feeling blogging

You will be fired again! Almost no traffic for you! No profits for you! How can you expect to get a paycheck from your 9-5 job if you work one week then take the following week off? Bosses fire employees for taking 2 days off consecutively without having vacation days to cover employee days off. Bloggers simply fire themselves from the possibility of making real money and driving real traffic over years by taking off days, weeks and months from blogging.

In my eBook:

How to Escape a 9-5 Job that You Hate

I advise fanning the flames of your dreams. Fanning the flames of your dream by visualizing early and often is one way to keep blogging daily so you treat this like a job, a serious commitment that commands significant portions of your attention and energy for 5-7 days weekly. I have not missed a day of blogging work for 5 years. I love blogging but also feel uncomfortable blogging daily, in moments.

I simply understand the commitment this gig requires, show up daily and keep helping people because I show up for work.

Do the same to position yourself to experience greater blogging success.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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