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Hug Your Blogging Style 2
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My blogging style is to write short, sweet blog posts. I hug this blogging style as my own. I dig blogging this way. I love blogging this way. Blogging other ways never resonated with me.

I am at peace with my blogging style; it’s what I do.

Other bloggers write long, in-depth posts. Other bloggers love the long post style. But some other bloggers blog in-between; think medium-length blog posts. Some bloggers have fun doing SEO. Some bloggers love doing videos. Others enjoy podcasting. Follow your style. But make sure you hug it. Own it. Resisting or rejecting your blogging style makes blogging and life more difficult for you.

I hop back and forth between first person and third person because hey; that’s my blogging style. I am cool with it. But if I was not cool with it I’d have a tough time blogging because I would regularly doubt myself, question my style and would flat out avoid doing the stuff one needs to do to succeed online. Blogging is between the ears. Becoming a successful blogger involves taking the journey to that tender, inner world, between the ears, and rooting out deep fears concerning you and your blogging abilities. One such fear concerns owning your blogging style. In essence, you need to be clear on how you blog. Picking yourself apart only leads to blogging ruin.

I know some of my work makes grammar teachers cringe, but who cares? I am who I am. I blog how I blog. No one can imitate my blogging style because I owned it for a long time, through my generous practice. I feel clear on how I blog. I feel confident blogging how I blog. Feeling this way lets me carve out a tidy little niche for myself. But only because I hugged my blogging style. Hugging means embracing or owning.

Owning your blogging voice is a rare thing. Most bloggers are too busy criticizing self, critiquing self and tearing self apart to actually feel clear, comfortable and confident about their own blogging style. I chose to leave self-torturing, self-rejecting types in my rear-view mirror because I tired of picking myself apart for many years.

Own how you blog. Who cares if you make grammar errors here and there? Who cares if your style appears to be a bit rough around the edges? Who cares if you are rough and ready versus polished, finished and totally professional-looking? True; I do own my blog, sport a custom theme and emit my best version of a professional-looking, trusted brand. But my blogging style involves breaking many sworn-by blogging rules making blogging purists puke.

Blogging purists often toss their cookies after reading some of my content because I am by no means a finished, polished writer, following virtually all writing rules religiously. Far from it; but I do not care. I love me. I love my style. My blogging style allowed me to live a fun, freeing, cool life, inspiring to my readers, followers and community.

Hugging your blogging style allows more people to love your blogging style. Do you see how it works? First, you love and accept yourself. Then, you love and accept your blogging style. Then, more people love and accept your blogging style, follow your blog and do the things accelerating your blogging success. As within, so without. But all changes when you genuinely own, accept and love your blogging style.


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