How Did You Use Your Blogging Talents Today?

How Did You Use Your Blogging Talents Today? 2
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Most bloggers struggle.


At the end of the day, struggling ensues because bloggers resist using their blogging talents.

I am slowly learning how to use my talents to the max daily. Using talents freely does not necessarily mean working hard. But it does eventually inspire you to see that giving and having are the same.

Re-read the prior line.

Did you ever think that having and giving are identical?

Doesn’t the world seem to condition you that giving is loss and having is gain?

Reverse that for a second.

Think about your true riches resting on offering generous blogging service.

Consider that your blogging talents for writing, or creating videos or networking are the real riches. 

If you do use your talents to the max today you will succeed. Generous bloggers who freely share their skills gain exposure, trust and credibility enough to go pro. But the mindset shift from being stingy to being generous feels uncomfortable to make.

I felt an inner nudge to write this guest post after spending a fun but long day offline situating myself into a new travel location. I had a blast today. But one part of my mind prefers to hit the sack right now. One part of me wants to turn in for the evening. 

However, another part yearns to max out my blogging talents by writing and publishing this guest post.

I guess you know which part of my mind won.

Using your blogging talents to the max right now rockets you outside of your comfort zone. Letting go to be generous entails fear.

But facing, feeling and releasing this fear to be truly generous positions you to love the blogging ride and to experience worldly success. I know that publishing this guest post will help you. Helping you helps me gain traffic and potential income. 

Ultimately though, expressing my blogging talents lays the foundation for a prospering blogging campaign.

Do you let go your blogging power daily? Or do you hold back your blogging power? How can you succeed if you hold back in a world of successful bloggers who give it their all?

Think about the blogging talents that you possess. Do you use your blogging skills for good? Or do you hold back because you appeared not to capitalize on your blogging skills in the past?

One of my biggest blogging mistakes involved holding back. I didn’t give it my all because I didn’t appear to thrive from being generous for a short period of time. Struggling blogging-wise slowly woke me up. Top bloggers gave freely; I learned to follow their lead to max out my blogging talents.

Of course, I am still a work in progress. I have ample fears to face, feel and forgive in order to put the blogging afterburners on to rocket higher in my blogging niche.

All I can do is use my blogging skills to the best of my ability over the long haul and see where this strategy takes me.

Be Honest with Yourself

Be truthful with yourself before answering any question regarding using your blogging talents.

Prolific writers: do you write from a prolific perspective daily? Do you hold back your writing skills daily? Do you publish one post weekly? Why would you publish one post weekly if you boast serious writing skills? Why would you hold back your writing skills? 

List your blogging talents. Use each one to be truly helpful.

Prolific writers succeed by using their writing skills to become prolific, credible bloggers who gain exposure organically. Writing and publishing a high volume of quality content hits the blogging mark for bloggers gifted with a prolific nature.

Stop Following the Herd

Do not follow the blogging herd because most do not max out their talents.

Blaze your own trail.

Stand out from the blogging crowd.

Be generous.

Develop your skills then use those skills to be truly helpful.

Using your blogging talents is one of the best ways to bolster your blogging campaign.

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