4 Tips to Drive Traffic the Right Way

4 Tips to Drive Traffic the Right Way 2
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Blog traffic seems elusive to most bloggers.

Shy and scarce, this most precious blogging commodity needs to be courted the right way, through organic methods. Increasing blog traffic the right way largely feels fun, good, freeing and relaxing, albeit a little uncomfortable from time to time. Doing the right thing may feel scary in moments if most bloggers around you are doing the wrong things to drive blog traffic.

The majority of bloggers use the wrong methods to increase blog traffic through blunt force.

Examples of driving traffic the wrong way include:

  • Spamming through blog comments
  • Spamming through link exchange pitches
  • Spamming through non-genuine, phony, greedy, manipulative blogger outreach emails
  • Mass publishing thin, cheap blogging content
  • Trying desperately to publish one viral blog post versus calmly publishing a high volume of helpful blog posts for many years to create a viral online presence

The list can go on and on for days. Most bloggers blog from a predominant energy of fear. Fear scares you into doing the wrong things guaranteeing your blogging failure.

Face your blogging fears. Feel these energies. Release your blogging fears.

Proceed to drive blog traffic the right way by following these 4 tips.

1: Solve Reader Problems

The simplest way to drive blog traffic the right way is to clearly solve reader problems.

Ask readers about their struggles. Listen closely to their answers. Write and publish blog posts to solve their problems. Increase your blog traffic organically.

Observe the title for this blog post. Most bloggers struggle to drive traffic to their blog. Writing and publishing a post designed to solve reader traffic problems boosts organic traffic. Bloggers take a keen interest in traffic-driving tips because most bloggers struggle to increase blog traffic.

Poll your readers. Spot their pain points. Listen to their dreams. Solve their problems through your blog content. Be a careful observer. Never charge forward to publish content unless you know readers want you to publish the blog content. Address their issues. Increase your blog traffic the right way.

2: Practice Writing Offline to Build Your Skills

Most bloggers write only when they publish a blog post.

This is not enough because you never get enough writing practice solely by writing and publishing blog posts.

Drive traffic through your:

  • Skills
  • Merit
  • Credibility

Practice writing 500-1000 words offline every day. Gain confidence in your writing abilities. Gain clarity as a writer. Be clear on your writing skills.

Readers flock to bloggers who write with clarity, confidence and conviction. Blog traffic grows organically if you get serious about improving your writing skills. Serious bloggers practice writing offline daily.

3: Generously Help Bloggers to Build Your Friend Network

Help bloggers generously.

Comment genuinely on blogs. Comments are content. Comments can help to add a sense of community to blogs.

Promote bloggers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Promote bloggers on your blog.

Generously help bloggers to build your blogger buddy network. Make blogging friends. Blogging friends:

  • Promote you
  • Endorse you

Blogging buddies increase your blog traffic the right way.

Picture promoting 20 fellow bloggers on Twitter. Retweet their latest blog post every day for a 5 day stretch, 1, 5 then 10 of these bloggers bond with you through your generosity. Perhaps 7 of these bloggers retweet your latest blog post to their communities for 5 days straight, increasing your blog traffic as their readers visit your blog through their Twitter profiles.

Driving traffic gets easy for generous, connected bloggers. Make blogging buddies. Help bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Allow bonds to grow organically. Allow support and generosity to sprout organically. Drive traffic the right way by building your blogger buddy network.

4: Do Not Give Up!

Honestly; this is about the most important tip for driving blog traffic the right way.

Bloggers follow simple tips for a short period of time before giving up on each strategy. Quality blog traffic takes generous service and ample time to increase. Most traffic-driving tutorials completely ignore the persistence element of increasing your blog traffic.

Spend years following the above tips. Allow your blog traffic to grow slowly, steadily and organically. Doing it the right way feels uncomfortable sometimes. Do not give in to fear. Never try to take shortcuts. Stop looking for overnight success. Blogging is a long term journey. Blogging is a lifestyle.

Blog the right way for a long time.

Experience sweet blogging success over the long haul.

Freedom meets bloggers who generously, patiently and persistently drive traffic the right way.

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