Have You Tried or Fully Committed to Blogging?

When blogging what are some things to consider
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Every failing blogger “tries” blogging. 

Every successful blogger *commits* to blogging.

Big difference. 

A few moments ago, I read a question on Quora. Some blogger asked about how to get people to visit their site and use their site. Basically, the blogger wants traffic and conversions. Said blogger noted “trying” social media but it did not work. The split second someone mentions trying blogging, I see a quitter. I see bloggers who give social media a whirl for days, weeks or maybe a few months. Quickly, these bloggers give up. Why? No commitment. 

No successful blogger tries to blog. Successful bloggers commit 100% to being a successful blogger by putting in time and energy to succeed. Simple. Imagine spending thousands of hours working some blogging strategy generously, intelligently and prolifically, year after year, guaranteeing your success. Put in the time. Put in the work. Success is yours. Trying is NEVER any part of a full commitment equation.

Take this guest post. I did not try to write it. I committed fully to writing and publishing this guest post this evening. The power of decision wins again. Decide. Put your head down. Get the job done. Nudge into fear. Relax. Feel the fear. Do it anyway. Commit. Be all in. Never quit. Never turn around. Never try. But be prepared to face freeing and highly uncomfortable fears the moment you are all in on blogging. Life becomes more challenging but freeing with a full commitment to blogging. Do it. Thank yourself later.

Trying Never Works

Trying blogging never works because the effort is half-hearted, weak and lacking energy. Most bloggers fail because most bloggers simply give virtually no effort to blogging. When did you last make blogging a priority? When did you decide to build 2-4 hours of your off time around blogging? When did you last work a 12 hour blogging work day on the weekend or during a day off from work? How do you see blogging? As a hobby? Or as a potential full time gig requiring your full focus, attention and energy?

Bloggers tend to see blogging as an after thought. I spoke to many bloggers who make excuses about being lazy, being too tired to blog or who flat out want to change niches to where the grass is greener. Bloggers crave podcasting, or broadcasting live, or social media, the split second they ponder a full time commitment to blogging.

Self Sabotage

Trying blogging then quitting on it to pursue a different niche or business model seems to be a common form of self sabotage. Being filled with fear influences you to do things guaranteeing your failure. Stop trying. Stop ducking out on blogging because you foolishly believe some other business is the key to success. Success is in your mind. Success is an idea. Stop self sabotaging. Commit to blogging.

Be All In

Spend 4 or more hours EVERY DAY blogging. I am not kidding. Even if you come up a bit short some days, the full commitment begins building success momentum in your being. I began blogging like a true, 100% committed pro the moment I set an intent to create 8 to 10 posts daily. Everything changed because my intent inspired me to be ALL IN on blogging. I stopped making excuses. I never tried. I ceased giving certain aspects of blogging a shot, and gave all of my generous energy to blogging for 6 hours or more daily, to create 8 to 10 or more blog posts, every single day.

Do you see the power of decision? Decide to succeed. Be all in. Surround yourself with driven, focused bloggers. Stay on purpose. Commit to blogging. Succeed.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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