Do You Blog Thinking About Others First?

Do You Blog Thinking About Others First? 2
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One quality top bloggers have in spades; thinking outward, about others, first. We all live a worldly life. Of course we think inwards, about ourselves, sometimes. But nobody gets ahead by putting their needs above their reader needs 100% of the time. Success finds generous, outward thinking bloggers because people follow your blog and buy your stuff and hire you based on you solving their problems. How do you solve their problems? Listen to their needs. How do you listen to their needs? Quiet your mind, stop thinking about yourself for a bit and what you can get out of a situation, and think about your readers and other people interested in your blogging niche.

No Need for Endless Altruism

Nobody needs to be 100% altruistic to succeed. Plus, no blogger can be that way because you and I aren’t enlightened. We live a worldly life and often think of individual needs related to ourselves and our families. But training your mind to think of others first simply accelerates your success because being generous, helpful and prolific all sprout from thinking outward, not inward. Thinking outward also allows your problems to dissolve into love, generosity and harmony because no blogger has problems if said blogger thinks outward, only about others. Focus on addressing reader needs. Think about creating content for readers other than solely creating something to boost your traffic and your profits.

Personal Gain

I cannot lie; we all want personal gain so it’s OK to think about what you get through each piece of content. Promote yourself. Celebrate your wins. But just don’t get all caught up and obsessed with greedily thinking about yourself and your needs over a sustained period of time. Doing this leads to all struggle and blogging failure you observe in the blogging niche. A good 8 out of 10 bloggers fail terribly because most think inward mostly, only about themselves, their traffic, their profits and their business. But all money and traffic flows through OTHER people, by you addressing their needs and solving their problems.

Think Outward

Imagine if you think of others first? Picture thinking about other bloggers before yourself? You will sprint ahead of most bloggers in your niche by the sheer act of being mindful, compassionate and generous. Few bloggers think of their reader’s needs before their own routinely. Being this type of blogger allows you to shine brightly because few bloggers shine at such a generous, trusting, outward thinking level. Think about others first, before yourself. Observe how your blogging success accelerates.


Do you know one of my scariest blogging decisions involved thinking outward about other folks? I deleted 3,400 blog posts, an entire blog and brand to make way for Blogging From Paradise. I pondered my own needs of course, but a seemingly chance encounter with a travel blogger in Kathmandu, Nepal, nudged me in this direction.

I realized how many travel bloggers struggled to go pro. Many work full time jobs to fund travels because they make so little through their blogs. Some scrape by, barely making anything, compromising their travels, needing to live like a globe trotting beggar, in order to sustain their travels.

I went pro for years as a full time, island hopping blogger. So I let go my old blog and brand to make room for the idea to create Blogging From Paradise, in order to inspire bloggers to retire to a life of travel, like me. How did I do it? Why was this my biggest blogging success? If you are having a difficult time releasing anything with your blogging campaign, buy my eBook:

Why Trashing 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success

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Ryan Biddulph

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Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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