Best WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins

WordPress payment gateway plugins
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Are you so much concerned about using the best WordPress payment gateway plugins for the business on your websites?

Literally, it’s true and natural to be concerned…!

Starting an online business can be a tough job if you don’t have the proper payment gateway for your business. If you have products and when you offer those products to sell on your marketplace, then the next demand arises for setting up a secure and robust payment system.

Payments come from different sources, like product or service sales, donations, membership registrations, subscription, and so on. No matter for what purpose the payment is made, it should always be secure, and straightforward.

As you’re looking for an easy way out, in this article, I will also try to show better options for integrating the payment gateways for your website. As a WordPress user, you will find, there are ample best solutions out there for you in the market. You just need to figure out which one is the best suited for you.

As WordPress doesn’t offer any built-in payment gateway, it offers an established echo-system by introducing plugins. This article will help you to figure out the right product for integrating WordPress payment gateway plugins on your system. Let’s get started with the listing first.

Best WordPress Payment Gateway Plugins – A Curated List

Before diving into the deep, I would like to say, all the collection here both are free and premium in type. Catch a close look at all the listing here and pick the right one for you. Let’s take a look at the details:

1. WPPayForm

WordPress payment gateway plugins
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WPPayForm is a modern, brilliant, easy-to-use, and feature-rich WordPress payment plugin that accepts multiple payment gateways. It comes with a plethora of excellent features that can make your eCommerce business successful. The free version is available on and has a Stripe payment option in it. With the help of Stripe activation, you can fulfill the payment setup to your website. Inside the plugin, you’ll get basic features of building forms. Moreover, the drag-and-drop feature allows you to make things easy and comfortable.

Note: For PayPal integration, you have to buy the pro version of the WPPayForm plugin.

2. PayPal & Stripe Add-on for Contact Form 7

WordPress payment gateway plugins
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PayPal and Stripe Add-on is one of the superb WordPress payment gateway plugins that is built to connect with both Stripe and PayPal payment processing system on your site. You can use the plugin with the fabulous Contact Form 7. PayPal & Stripe Add-on is harmonious with both old and new versions of the Contact Form 7. The pro version allows you to link it to various items from Contact Form 7 and then sending emails after successful payment. Also, you’ll find more features and functionalities on the pro version. For instance, it is collecting on-site payments, setting up tax profile and charge for shipping, and so on.

3. WP Simple Pay

WordPress payment gateway plugins
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WP Simple Pay is another best WordPress payment plugins out there in the market. This tool allows you to use the Stripe payment gateway and you can use the plugin for receiving Stripe payments on your WordPress site. Moreover, you can rely on this plugin as it offers tons of great features. Countless forms, Stripe Connect support, multi-language support, and many other options are available with the free version. If you decided to go with the pro version, there would be more striking features you can have for serving your purposes. Numerous custom fields, drag and drop, different payment options, and embedded custom forms are some of the pro features available in the plugin.

4. WP Full Stripe

WordPress payment gateway plugins
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WP Full Stripe is a premium WordPress plugin that comprises all the basic features you need to make a successful payment for your users. You can get paid online for your products/services form your expected clients. This plugin will allow you to get paid locally and internationally without any complication. Furthermore, this well-documented and cross-browser compatible plugin allows you to use the payment over 25 countries with the help of 100 currencies. Using WP Full Stripe, you can redirect users to a custom thank you page after their payment is completed successfully. There are some amazing features like recurring payment systems, multiple payment types, saving cards, VAT support, and so on to make the payment painless and smooth.

5. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

WordPress payment gateway plugins
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The more options you will have to make a payment, the more the system will be robust and sturdy. For example, you can rely on the WooCommerce Stripe payment gateway to receive payments from multiple cards like Alipay, Apple pay, or credit cards. Now you can directly get paid through your website because this plugin offers easy setup for a secure payment system. The prime features which are based on the pro version are full and partial successful transaction receipt, refunds, currency conversion, card restriction, and save cards. From a service viewpoint, this WP plugin is truly excellent.

6. Direct Stripe

WordPress payment gateway plugins
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If you want to have a direct set up for payment gateway that will automatically generate success email to the users. Direct Stripe plugin will help you to make it happen. This plugin accepts payments from using the Stripe payment gateway. The plugin classifies emails of the logged-in users and allows you to customize the buttons for different looks.

Using the GDPR checkbox of the plugin assures the privacy of the submitted data. One of the most exciting aspects of the plugin is whether the payment is successful or failed; this will let the users notified with an automated email. There are further settings for styles, emails, and buttons alongside the general settings.

Closing Remarks

Having a reliable payment gateway integration on your site is very crucial, and using essential tools for serving this purpose can take you a long way.

Here we are moving to conclude this listing article that is regarded as the best WordPress payment plugins. I hope this article helped you to find out the best means for your online venture. All the plugins listed here are quality plugins. You can get both free and premium plugins based on your capacity. Most importantly, you should integrate a system to your website that serves your customers to pay with ease and satisfaction. The plugins listed above bear all the capabilities to ensure a sophisticated payment gateway.

From above all, if I had to choose one from the rest, I would firmly suggest you give WPPayForm an honest try. As this plugin is the most qualified and most accomplished in type that you should look nowhere else. Moreover, this will allow you to use both the leading payment gateways Stripe and PayPal. You can install the free version first to experience the most user-friendly interface and smoothness. If you still have any queries or think that I might miss any quality one, let me know your concern in this regard.

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty neat. I’m not personally selling anything on my website, but I know someone who does. I’ll definitely be passing along this information to them!

  2. Those are great things that I was not aware and can use to give my blog a boost. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Binge on Basics

    Paypal is my go-to payment gateway and I trust on it fully. Thanks for sharing other plugins too. Will try them out too

  4. blair villanueva

    I am still learning to use wordpress, and this payment plugins are very helpful, in case I will add an online store in my site.

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