Are You Lying to Yourself about Your Blog?

Are You Lying to Yourself about Your Blog? 2
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Blogging gets easier and easier if you are straight with yourself.

Blogging gets harder and harder if you lie to yourself.

Everything depends on how you frame yourself, your blog and your honest view of your blogging campaign. Being honest frees you but also stings a little bit. Being honest requires you look at your blog in the light of truth. Everything changes the moment you stare your blog and assess how you really feel about it, whether ok or outright horrible, or perhaps you genuinely do feel clear on your blog.

How do you feel about your blog? What is your blog doing, results-wise? How do you feel about it? I know some folks get 1-2 subscribers yearly and claim to be A-OK with it. But unless you are enlightened, and surrender fully into the results, you are lying to yourself. Most struggling bloggers lie to self because they say they feel OK about their struggles but on a deeper level, they feel horribly about their blogging results.

Be honest with self. Own your stuff. Be clear on how you genuinely feel about your blog. Being upset about your blogging struggles is the first step to being a successful blogger because you can not move forward and succeed being burdened by fear, pain, regret and anger about your blogging results. Nobody enjoys feeling these emotions but we need to feel and clear these energies to better move forward from a light, generous, detached, trusting space.

I am up at 1:30 AM on Sunday morning after a long day. Why? I love what I do. I feel light about what I do. But I had to release the fear-pain of my past struggles to be able to move forward from a generous, relaxed energy. That was not fun. It felt highly unpleasant. I had to admit not only that I was struggling but I also had to feel the pain, fear and anger I had resisted for years in order to change my energy from fear and poverty to love and abundance to better move forward. I literally could not see abundance and could not act abundantly because I was blinded by fear.

Facing, feeling and releasing fears I harbored regarding my blog was the turning point. Although unpleasant, these sessions freed me to be the blogger I am today.

Writer’s block held me captive because I had so much fear around my blog that I blocked profitable ideas. But feeling the fear and embracing the pain, although highly unpleasant, helped me move forward with positive energy, profitable ideas and a sense of knowing I’d succeed, when I had never cultivated that feeling in the past.

Everything changed inside-out the moment I was honest with myself.

Be Straight with Yourself

Stop lying to yourself about your blog. Have you landed 1 subscriber yearly for the past 3 years? Something is wrong. Obviously, you struggle terribly. Maybe you can make excuses or perhaps you can explain away why you struggle but you are the root cause of the struggle and you need to feel the pain, frustration and fear of getting 1 sub a year. Stop being in denial. Stop being deluded.

It is OK to feel upset! It is OK to want to scream and yell because we are all human and human beings get frustrated about failing sometimes. This is the way that it is, so, simply be with your problems and feel the pain and you can proceed from a clearer space.


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