Why Do Bloggers Misuse Twitter?

Why Do Bloggers Misuse Twitter? 2
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Join Twitter. Tweet your link.


This is why most bloggers misuse Twitter. Twitter works like a 2-way street. The microblogging platform works not like a 1-way street. Of course, most bloggers see Twitter being a 1-way street.

Tweet your link. Leave. Check back in only to tweet your next link.

4 months down the road, when only 20 people clicked your links, reality sets in. Nobody cares about you on Twitter until you care about other people.

Effective tweeting is generous tweeting. More than that, engaging people on the platform unlocks the key to a genuine increase in blog traffic and profits.

Imagine this; if you genuinely speak to people to form bonds with human beings, you can get whatever you want to get through the site.

Twitter is that simple. But the site feels uncomfortable to use sometimes, too. Why put in all that effort just to lay a strong foundation on the platform? Why work diligently if few folks click your link on the site?


Take a chill pill. Positive results will come if you patiently and generously help people and engage people.

Why Bloggers Misuse Twitter

Twitter misuse occurs because bloggers do not get Twitter.

Tweeting your link seems the obvious way to get traffic but this is a prime example of bloggers not understanding clearly how to use the site. Folks complain Twitter does not work but in truth, they did not learn the network and how to use it.

Nobody cares about bloggers who only tweet their content because of the 2-way street thing I mentioned earlier in this post.

Engaging people by thanking retweeters, by asking questions of folks in your main stream and by persistently socializing with tweeters make Twitter easy enough to you, because showing interest in people goads people to show interest in you.

How to Use Twitter Effectively

I wrote an eBook for bloggers to drive profits on Twitter. The more you give on Twitter, the more you get. Simple formula.

Help as many people as possible from a genuine, generous energy. Be nice, friendly and engaging.

Retweet fellow bloggers. Look for nothing in return. Some bloggers retweet you if you retweeted them in the first place; this increases your blog traffic.

Chat to people who retweet your content. Make friends.

Obviously, these folks enjoy your content. Bond with them. Thank them for sharing your stuff. Retweet their content.

Help each other. Be generous. Making friends on Twitter inspires people to retweet you, boosting your blog traffic and blogging profits.

Everything on Twitter is about what you give. If you help fellow users, you get help yourself. Tap into your generosity to put everything into motion.

You will never gain much traction on Twitter by focusing solely on yourself but you will gain massive exposure by focusing on fellow users and engaging them, retweeting their content and persisting in bonding with these folks.

Be patient. Good things take time. Allow friendships to gracefully unfold in an organic fashion.

Twitter works well for the patient, persistent folks. Do not get caught up in follower counts.

Do not mass follow people just to get a follow back; this is not genuine. Let things grow by being generous, helpful and persistent.

Tap into abundance and promote your blogging success on Twitter.

Twitter works well for bloggers who genuinely use the platform to help people. See the 2 way street of thinks on the network because Twitter never works as a 1-sided broadcasting platform. Things go well for bloggers who give freely on Twitter. Chat people up. Help people. Use Twitter effectively to drive traffic and profits through the platform.

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