3 Way Too Common Blogging Limiting Beliefs

3 Way Too Common Blogging Limiting Beliefs 2
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Limiting beliefs handcuff you.

Literally, you lose all of your power the split second you cling to a limiting idea. If you believe you cannot do it, you cannot do it. Thoughts and feelings ARE that powerful!

But owning, dissolving and releasing these ideas opens you up to an exciting blogging future.

Time to own these mental meme’s in order to move in a prospering, profitable direction.

1: I Have No Connections

Nor did I, 10 years ago. Then I made friends by generously helping people for a long time, built bonds and got connected. But the act was in no way passive. Nobody connected me. I did the connecting through generous service and detachment.

New bloggers tell me they have no connections. Join the club, as a newb! No new blogger has friends in their niche because we are almost always new to our blogging niche. Genuinely help bloggers. Mention bloggers on your blog. Retweet blogger’s posts and share ’em on Facebook too. Comment on blogs by sharing your thoughts in authentic fashion.

Some bloggers dig your generosity, befriend you and help you get connected.

2: I Have No Blogging Experience

OF COURSE you have no blogging experience. You have not blogged yet! LOL….

Sometimes, ego plays little tricks on us, like a tiny devil sitting on your shoulder, telling you the painfully obvious but clinging to these limiting ideas. New bloggers complain about not having blogging experience. Uhhh….duh….new people in any niche have no experience in the niche. Then, you just start working the niche to gain experience and become experienced.

I despise sounding like Captain Obvious but after seeing enough bloggers make the “no experience” excuse to duck being responsible for their success, I need to call these cats out. Mind tries all types of outs to avoid taking full responsibility for your blogging success. Ignore ego. Silence the mind chatter.

Dive in, blog, gain blogging experience and confidence along with it.

3: Why Blog? Nobody Reads My Blog Anyway!

This is a big time loser excuse. I do not mean loser in a pejorative, nasty sense. I mean loser like a blogger focused on loss and stuck on losing traffic and profits.

Imagine beginning any venture with the attitude that working that gig is not worth the effort because you see no appreciable results. This is borderline nuts. NOBODY alive gets skilled and sees appreciable results in any endeavor until the individual puts in serious time and effort to hone their skills.

Imagine if Lebron James refused to practice basketball as a little kid because he did not make millions and nobody showed up to his youth league games? Lebron played for the love of the game. He hooped to hone his craft. Now, he’s made hundreds of millions of dollars through basketball and is known around the world as an icon. Why? King James played for decades to be driven by his passion for the game until he became so skilled that he dominated the NBA and became a celebrity in the process.

Fall deeply in love with blogging. Practice writing. Create content. Build bonds. Put in the time. Eventually, people will read your blog, buy your stuff and hire you. But only after you put in hundreds to thousands of hours of blogging effort.

Burn Limiting Beliefs

Consider writing these and other blogging limiting beliefs on a piece of paper. Walk into your tub. Light the paper on fire. Burn it. Run water over the embers to ensure you do not burn your house down.

Engage in this cathartic practice to cleanse yourself of these blogging limiting beliefs. Proceed from an energy free of these heavy, anchor-like ideas. Accelerate your blogging success.


Do you want to dive into the self-publishing game? I suggest you do. Neat way to profit online. But what about all the writing limiting beliefs that will pop up in your mind? I wrote an eBook to slay these mental demons. Buy it here:

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