2 Blogging Ideas to Explore

2 Blogging Ideas to Explore 2
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Anyone can become a successful blogger.

Few bloggers succeed because few put in the work and face fears for years.

Each prior sentence states a blogging idea for deeper exploration.

Anybody can succeed online. Blogging plays no favorites. No barriers exist to being a successful blogger because the fundamentals are simple to follow and anyone can invest a few bucks to type words via a WordPress backoffice. Knowing this basic truth gives you unlimited blogging potential even if you begin blogging as a nobody from nowhere. Anyone can do this. No one is excluded because anyone can start blogging with an absolute minimum financial investment and even less of an investment in terms of rudimentary skills.

Does this idea sound exciting? You bet! Knowing that anyone can become successful stokes a desire fire in all aspiring bloggers. Hope! Potential is kindled.

But the second idea to explore feels quite unlike the first concept. Few bloggers succeed because few put in work and face fears spanning years. Most begin wide-eyed at the unlimited potential of blogging, especially for anyone. But fear rears its ugly head early during all blogging careers. Bloggers fear any number of ideas in mind. Fear cancels out work. Bloggers who rarely work fail horrible.

For example, at 12 midnight on a Friday morning now I felt fear flow from my ego; ego told me to go to sleep because ego fears that I may feel run down if I stay up to write this guest post. Most bloggers never bother with guest blogging at midnight on a Friday, especially after a fairly long work day. But I have learned over a 14 year blogging career how facing fear and putting in work are two keys to succeeding online. Rare is a successful blogger even though anyone can succeed. Fear weeds out most bloggers who do not work because fear appears to seize the mind. Once fear appears to dominate the mind, most bloggers throw up their hands and quit, framing blogging as some passing after-thought.

How in the heck do you expect to succeed if you give up on blogging at the drop of a hat? Blogging gives you what you give blogging. Work. Face fear. Persist for years. Blogging can and will be good to you. Do not give in to fear. Do not quit, panic or bail. Face fear head-on. Put in work to become a successful blogger.

Blogging is akin to beginning an offline business. I recall during trips to East Harlem for a recurring house sit how a few bodega owners worked 7 days a week for virtually 365 days each year. The Yemeni owners worked for thousands upon thousands of hours to run a profitable corner store. Becoming a successful blogger requires thousands upon thousands of work hours executed over years, especially as fears arise along the way. Fear weeds out blogging aspirants. The few who face fear routinely and keep putting in work position themselves to succeed online.

Blogging truths are the foundation upon which pro bloggers build campaigns. Each idea bandied about above forms a timeless blogging truth. Unlike trying to be a doctor or lawyer in the offline world, no aspirant needs to jump through hoops via rigid structures like schooling, testing and having the right connections to enter into the blogging world. Anyone can begin blogging. But facing fear and working for a long time weeds out this pool of unlimited blogging potential.

Face fear. Work. Position yourself to become a successful blogger but be prepared to put in years to eventually evolve into a professional blogger.

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Ryan Biddulph shares smart blogging tips at Blogging From Paradise.

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