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Getting clear genuinely dials you in to magic because getting clear both clears struggle-inducing fears and accelerates your growth at a rapid clip. I am a busy bee today. Me and my wife hiked a steep mountain deep in the forest. But being clear on blogging nudges me right back into work versus making fear-based excuses that I have no time to blog today. Even though my blogging work day began at 1 PM – versus 9 AM – I get work done because I have clarity concerning my blogging campaign.

Get clear. Make blogging easier.

I recall my lean blogging days. Being largely filled with fear, and not clear at all, I would have blogged for 5 minutes on a day like today. Lacking clarity is like not being able to clearly see what you want, so you move toward what you do want. I liken it to following a fear-filled, comfortable path versus following a loving, fun, freeing, successful, sometimes uncomfortable path.

Today,  I would have been comfortable hanging out, not doing much, watching some Netflix and then just chilling in bed after an intense hike. Not a bad day. But would I have grown as a pro blogger today? Nope. Sure pro bloggers take time off but pros also intuitively know they will work most of the time. Today is one such day. Bloggers know this.

How to Gain Clarity

Take time to feel fear, concerning your blogging campaign. Take time to feel fear around releasing resistance. Feel your worries. Embrace your anxiety. Feel these energies. Be with them. Gain clarity by letting go unclear, fear-filled energies you need to release to get clear. Gaining clarity involves spending a lot of time in a quiet room.

Blogging can be the exact vehicle that both opens you up to greater clarity, by nudging outside of your comfort zone, but this also needs to be something you pull back from in order to get clear. Why? When blogging, you tend to proceed in auto-mode, on auto-pilot, being completely unaware of your lack of blogging clarity. But sitting in a quiet room, you observe all those fears and other lower energies that you need to let go, to get clear.

Blogging Is Between the Ears

Imagine if I told you every practical tip to write a sizzling, traffic-driving, profits-boosting blog post. Then imagine if you feel terrified to publish the post. Imagine if you trust your fear, and choose not to write the post. Who cares about the knowledge I shared with you, if you feel to afraid to act on it? This is why blogging is between the ears.

Blogging is a mindset game. Blogging is between the ears. Getting clarity is about feeling fears and getting clearer on your blogging journey, and is about nothing else. This is it. This is the secret to successful blogging. It is like magic, because one moment you feel terrified and lost, and by feeling the emotions fueling the terror and lost energy, even though it stinks, you feel super clear and focused, in the next moment.

Imagine being in a pitch dark tunnel. You cannot see a thing. Then imagine wading through the dark tunnel for a few moments, feeling deep fears. Now you make your way toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Happiness. Then, you make your way outside of the tunnel, into the bright sunshine. You see clearly and know exactly where you are going. This is what it feels like to have clarity.


Do you want to think, feel and act like a successful blogger?

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