Why Do You Routinely Get Distracted from Blogging Work?

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I caught myself a few moments ago. I made a quick pivot. Super quick pivot. One moment, YouTube tried to do me in. Dreaded YouTube. But I have the power to shift my thoughts. Distractions….be gone!

But most bloggers do not shift as quickly, being caught in the dreaded blogging side-track. Ouch. Not good.

One Facebook update potentially grew into a massive time, energy and content suck. Emotionally-charged decision dripping with oodles of fear. Fear makes you do silly stuff. Fear also goads you to focus on distractions versus focusing on the blogging work at hand.

Why do you get so easily distracted with your blogging efforts? The emotion of fear rears its ugly little – or big – head. Fear makes you shift from what you dream of doing to what you genuinely do not want to do. Wicked shift. In one moment, blogging seems like the A1 thing to do on your list. In the next moment, YouTube, Facebook or Netflix beckons.

Hey; I have been through all of the fears distracting me from blogging. But I finally became self-aware enough to spend 5-10 minutes daily on Facebook and 5-10 minutes daily on Twitter because I am a professional blogger, not a professional Facebook user or professional Tweeter who gets paid to work FB or to tweet. I do not get distracted or sidetracked because I do not cling to strong fears seemingly pulling me away from my blogging purpose, my commitment to freedom, the reason why I do what I do. Feel fear. Clear fear. Clear the distractions.

Why do you blog? Make the reason fun and freeing to allow distractions to dissolve. I blog mainly to have fun helping people as I feel free to circle the globe and as I also free people – by their following my lead – to circle the globe through blogging. Sounds like a distraction-free blogging strategy to me, eh? Do I fear missing out on YouTube when I dream of living in Fiji for 6 months? Nope. The blogging work gets done because I seek freedom over temporary distractions

At the end of the day, you choose to side-track or you choose to stay on blogging purpose. Side-tracking yourself indicates you allowed one of your fears to pull you away from your blogging campaign. Buy my eBook for conquering your fears. Put in time and energy to find a fun, freeing blogging driver. Nailing down this fun, freeing intent keeps you on blogging course because fun-freedom slowly but surely dominates fear-loss in your mind.

No purpose-filled bloggers gets distracted much because bloggers of purpose realize this; distractions are not passive events, but deliberate doings. You CHOOSE to focus on distractions. Everything is on you. Everything is in your mind. All distractions are your explicit, focused decisions.

Stop giving power to YouTube. YouTube cannot force you to focus on YouTube over blogging. YOU choose to focus on YouTube over blogging. Capiche? Good.

Focus on your fun, freeing driver to choose blogging over Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or whatever seems to distract you. Give your attention, energy and focus to what you genuinely want – freedom – over less mindful, momentary pleasures that add no genuine freedom or liberation to your life.

I love a little Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime like the next blogging guy or gal. But I get the work done to focus more heavily on freedom and less on binding myself with energy-sapping distractions.

Freedom first. Blogging first. Enjoy those lesser pleasures after you get the blogging job done.

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