Why Blogging Is and Is Not Like a Job

Why Blogging Is and Is Not Like a Job 2
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Blogging confuses most new bloggers.

Most begin blogging to avoid working a 9-5 job for their entire professional lives. But these bloggers quickly learn blogging is like a job in some regards. In other ways, blogging is nothing like being an employee. I woke today at about 8 AM. No alarm. After light yoga, I walked to the local store for a cup of coffee, here in NYC. I am on no set schedule. I call the shots. This is quite unlike most jobs.

But I do need to work 6-8 or more hours daily in order to succeed. Working 6-8 hours daily is similar to how jobs work. 

Let’s break it down.

Like a Job

Blogging is similar to working a job because you only *eventually* get paid if you generously create and connect for 4 to 6 to 8 hours daily for years. Employees need to work 5-7 days weekly in order to receive a paycheck. Fulfill tasks over 5-7 days every week. Get paid. Bloggers need to work 7 days weekly for 4-8 hours daily – or more – to position themself to get paid. Money arrives in its own time. But money never arrives if you do not work blogging daily for a sustained period of time, just like working a job.

Employees get fired if they do not show up regularly to work their jobs. Bloggers fail to make a cent online if they do not show up regularly to work their blogging business. Both seem to be super similar in this regard. Work daily to get an employee paycheck. Work daily to position yourself to get paid down the road as a blogger. 

Not Like a Job

Blogging is not like a job in many regards. Employees work jobs based on completing specific tasks in a set time frame. Bloggers complete specific tasks whenever they choose to do so. Employees have bosses to assign jobs and to demand accountability. Bloggers have themselves to assign tasks and need to hold self accountable. Employees get a paycheck weekly. Bloggers make money online only after working generously for hundreds to thousands of hours. Money arrives in different amounts and at different times, being unpredictable, but gradually increasing if you blog the right way.

Being an employee involves having limited responsibility. Superior above you have greater responsibilities. Being a blogger means you NEED TO take 100% responsibility for your blogging business. 

Working a job forces you to work at a set time in a set place. Employees sacrifice freedom, to be bound and comfortable. Blogging offers you the ultimate freedom and flexibility. Work when you want to work, where you want to work. Freedom! I work from NYC now. Next week, I work from New Jersey. 4 weeks from now, I will work in NYC again.

Jobs allow for only a few days or weeks of vacation each year. Vacation whenever you want as a blogger, if you put in the work and time, of course. 

Employees often get health benefits. Bloggers do not.

The Verdict

Blogging is generally not like a job at all. You need to work your blog like working a job in order to make money and to succeed. But beyond the steady work load, blogging involves great freedom and responsibility while being an employee involves little freedom and responsibility. Every human desires freedom more than anything else so everyone should at least take a look at blogging as a fascinating way to make a living. Blogging is not for everyone, but neither is working a job.


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