What to Do if You Fear Beginning to Blog

What to Do if You Fear Beginning to Blog 2
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Most new bloggers deeply fear the process of beginning to blog.

Blogging feels scary.

Where do you begin?

How do you begin?

What if no one reads your blog?

The questions, doubts and anxieties seem to flood into your mind like a torrential downpour.

In truth, rather than face these fears most people decide not to begin blogging in the first place. The ones who start blogging usually struggle, fail and quit fast after beginning to blog, being weighed down by their fears.


Do you see that featured image?

That is me playing with a pooch in New Zealand.

I am in Virginia in the United States now; I get around.

But before I circled the globe through blogging I was an excited but terrified new blogger.

I know exactly how it feels to be really scared to blog.

The only advice I can offer is this: do what you fear doing. Begin blogging.

Newbie bloggers; the only thing to do as a newbie is to nudge into fears. Since you fear:

  • people criticizing you and your blog
  • wasting your time with blogging
  • putting yourself out there
  • sharing too much
  • sharing too little
  • spending money on your blog
  • sprinting into fear
  • baby-stepping into fear
  • you are making a huge mistake blogging
  • nobody cares about you and your blog
  • you may even become a successful blogger down the road, and current friends, and family, will not like you when you make more money and experience more fame and help more folks, because you will seem out of touch, to them

as a new blogger, nudging into fear is the only way to face, feel and release the fear, making you a little more fearless.

Baby Step into Fear

Nudge into fear. If you fear being on camera doing live videos, broadcast a live video pointing the camera at a different subject. Nature. People. Your dog. Your cat. Nudge into the fear of doing live videos, eat it up a little bit and spit it out. Feels good, right? Baby steps.

What to Do if You Fear Beginning to Blog 3
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Keep nudging into your new blogger fears. Feel the fears. Release the fears. You feel better, and feeling better inspires you to:

  • write your first blog post
  • broadcast your first live video
  • write your first comment on a high traffic, popular blog
  • promote a top blogger on your blog, on Twitter or on Facebook, linking to their blog and tagging them

Blogging is energetic, not robotic. Nudging into fear is not a step by step, mechanical, robotic process. Sometimes, nudging into fear feels sloppy. Broadcast Live on Facebook for the first time and see what happens; I betcha you hold your breath, like diving underwater. Tension floods your body and mind. Rigidness seizes your being. That is fear. Feel it, however unpleasant, move the fear along and you feel less afraid for future live videos until, if you broadcast thousands of videos, broadcasting live feels as automatic as breathing, just like for me.

Nudge, or sometimes, dive into newbie blogging fears. Meditating helps. Practice being aware of your thoughts and feelings. Slow down. Calm down. Be with your fears to move along these imprisoning emotions.

Blogging is fun and freeing! Dive in guys. Begin creating helpful content. Become more fearless. We need more fear-huggers in the blog-o-sphere.

The ultimate challenge is to develop the skill of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. Honing this skill edges you into blogging even as the ego emits its raucous shrieks.

Anyone can make newbie blogger excuses.

Anyone can cop out on blogging because it seems too uncomfortable to engage in such a challenging venture.

I do not blame newbies for being afraid. I vividly recall the same feeling a long time ago during my beginner blogger days.

Gradually, I became comfortable with being uncomfortable. I learned how to embrace discomfort to move forward into greater fun, freedom and expansion.

Bloggers who become comfortable with being uncomfortable blast through excuses to lay a rock solid foundation for their blogging campaign.

The process feels messy at times but it always worth it.

The trick is to recall why you blog. Tie the reasons to fun and freedom. Allow these emotions to guide you through the obstacles that all new bloggers face on their fledgling blogging journey.

Go ahead.


Ease forward.

Edge onward.

You can do it!

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