What Is the Top Skill in Your Blogging Arsenal?

What Is the Top Skill in Your Blogging Arsenal? 2
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What one skill do you need develop to become successful with blogging?

The possibilities seem endless. Where to next? How should you blog? What single skill do you need to develop to become a professional blogger?

Networking seems important. Monetizing effectively plays a chief role. But writing is the top skill in your blogging arsenal. How do you connect with people? Writing words forms the connection. Bloggers write. Vloggers create videos. Write regularly – through thick and thin – to polish your chief skill.

People need to take writing seriously to become a serious blogger. Bloggers lob guest post invites based on your writing ability. People buy your stuff based on your writing ability. Folks network with you based on your writing ability. Ditto for hiring you; people hire you based on your ability to write skillfully.

In blogging terms, unskilled writers never get business. Unskilled writers do not sell stuff. Unskilled writers land no customers or clients. Even doing all else well blogging-wise leads to failure if you cannot write calmly, confidently and powerfully.

Write your butt off. Write 500 words daily in a Word document. Trash the document. Detach from your writing. Let it go. Be skilled by practicing diligently. Publish 1-2 posts weekly to increase your writing clarity and confidence. Go live. Publish posts to knife through the fear of criticism.

Nobody knows how confident they are until the general public pokes and prods at their writing. Critics render useful service as far as writing critiques because critics poke at soft ego spots brimming with doubt and fear. Bloggers need release these doubts and fears to write confidently because no doubt-filled person becomes confident. Purging doubts breeds confidence. Keep writing. Buy my eBook to learn how to deal with critics:

6 Life Lessons I Learned from Nasty Critics

Write to be generous and to gain trust. Write to get clear. Write to succeed. Blogging is a business; not a passing hobby. Treat it as such to hone your writing and blogging skills persistently, patiently and generously.

I prefer to write in quiet because noise kills my focus; words cease flowing as focus dies. But some bloggers prefer writing with music or TV on in the background. I dig silence. I close the office door and write thousands of words daily between blog posts, guest posts and blog comments.

Write offline to gain clarity too; nothing like writing something you trash 10 to 20 minutes after done with your practice. This cultivates a sense of detachment about your writing, work and blog. Let go of your writing. Be detached. Letting go written words develops your generous, detached, trusting nature because trashing words proves you only need the skills, not the words, to succeed. Did you ever think of blogging that way? Have you pondered writing or blogging in this fashion? Probably not.

Write, write and write some more. Success flows to bloggers who first position themselves as skilled, credible writers. No blogger needs best Hemingway in brevity terms but at least make your point in minimum words and exit stage left.

Practice. Say a lot with a little. Read powerful writing bloggers. Study bloggers who use words economically. They will rub off on you. Practice writing because no writer becomes skilled solely through reading skilled writers, or through osmosis. Put in the time and practice to develop your most critical blogging skill; being a clear, confident writer.

Write every day. No matter what, write a little bit offline to gain confidence, clarity and successful writing momentum that will build into a professional blogging career.

I believe in you, but you need to keep writing to believe in yourself, to believe in your writing skills and to believe in your blog.

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A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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