What Is the Biggest Problem Using Money Drivers to Manipulate Readers?

What Is the Biggest Problem Using Money Drivers to Manipulate Readers? 2
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I saw a dude on YouTube a few moments ago.

He lead off his video explaining how he made a large sum of money over the prior years. He also explained how he can teach you how to make a large sum of money over years. I believe him. I trust him. But I learned long ago how choosing money as your prime driver to run a business is a bad idea because money does not really mean anything.

Money is a neutral means of exchange completely worthless in meaning and value until you add meaning in mind. No honest human goes to bed dreaming of big dollar signs and swimming through a pool of dubloons like Scrooge McDuck. Humans dream of circling the globe, spending time with their family, doing what they love doing and rendering generous service to inspire fellow humans.

But digging deeper, the money-driver-manipulator flaw becomes easy to see: human beings whose sole motivation to go into business is to make lots of money suffer from some pressing, palpable, damaging:

  • fear
  • pain
  • suffering
  • grief

and look to money to fill the void. Do you believe scared, pained, suffering, grieving human beings make for loving, loyal:

  • readers?
  • customers?
  • clients?

Of course they do not! Money-hungry people are generally greedy, desperate, lazy and hyper critical of people who teach them to make large amounts of money because scared people are impatient, lack persistence and try to get something for nothing as quickly as possible. Why would you base your prime selling point to be making big money? Who wants to make millions of dollars in years? Mostly, greedy, desperate, deluded human beings who believe possessing millions of dollars will drown out their fears, pains, suffering and grief.

In rare cases – like the entrepreneur sharing the YouTube ad – people do make a large amount of money in years. But all of the resistance you slam into from scared, desperate, greedy people who want to get rich quick and found you through your big money promises is not worth the scant success you experience and you inspire a tiny fraction of followers to experience.

Even worse? You need to begin delving into why you chose your biggest selling point to be making money. Did Jeff Bezos promise your how to become worth $200 billion USD? Nope. He simply created a convenient service that made it easy for much of humanity to order stuff online and to get it, REALLY fast. Did Bill Gates promise how to be worth $100 billion plus USD? Nope. He simply created software that make it easier to cruise the web, to get work done and to connect with people in a virtual environment.

The happiest, most successful bloggers have fun rendering generous service to align with loving, compassionate, resonant, loyal customers, clients and readers. Bloggers who emphasize money outcomes usually slam into struggles because their greedy, desperate, impatient readers only want to make money and have no interest in learning how to blog the right way, patiently practicing and mastering their craft over years.

Anyone who REALLY cares about money cares little about people because you cannot reach out and help people with your hands stuffed firmly into your pockets. Anyone who cares little of money cares deeply about people and reaches out to help humans generously because their hands are not stuffed into their pockets. Of course, generous people make the most money and have the most fun in the process.

Be careful about selling the money-making potential of your blog.

As has been said before, businesses spitting out nothing but money make for poor businesses indeed.

People dream of freedom, vacations, working from home to watch their kids grow up and empowering folks through their blogs. No sane, clear-thinking, happy, peaceful person dreams of sleeping on a pile of 100 dollar bills.


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