What Blogging Geo-Excuses Do You Need to Let Go?

What Blogging Geo-Excuses Do You Need to Let Go? 2
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Every country has different rules, regulations and laws concerning blogging.

Some countries appear to have more blogging-related laws. Some nations outlaw or ban certain sites. Payment processors may not be allowed in your country. What can you do? Something else. But do not make blogging geo-excuses based on your country of origin because excuses hold you back, weigh you down and do not accelerate your blogging success. Excuses guarantee your blogging failure. Excuses make blogging success impossible.

Bloggers who make excuses based on their homeland use these geo-excuses to explain their failure. Not a good luck. The world makes room for winners and quickly forgets people who make excuses.

No matter your country, using your imagination, creativity and persistence allows you to succeed, get paid and to go pro. Do human beings in your native land make money through jobs and businesses? Yes? If so, you can make money online through jobs and businesses. But being creative, imaginative and flexible is the only way to profit until payment processors and digital storefronts do business in your country. Remember; where there is a will, there is a way.

One blogger with 15 years of experience guest posted on my blog years ago. He became a multi-millionaire through his patience, persistence, generosity, imagination and diligence. He shared how in Thailand in the 1990’s, he needed to wire his house for internet connections via phonelines. Imagine that? Moving to new locations meant wiring up your home by climbing onto your roof for your dial up connection. He made no excuses. He found a way to get the job done. Ditto for you, no matter where you are in the world.

He also mentioned spending hundreds of dollars monthly to store the email addresses of his readers because database storage became expensive back in the days before Aweber, Get Response and Mail Chimp. Remember; we are talking about the 90’s. No email campaign managers existed back then.

He invested hundreds of dollars to be in touch with readers, wired his house for an old school, slow dial up modem connection, worked for years, made no excuses and eventually became a millionaire through his online business. Did he make excuses? Nope. He did not care that he was working online in Thailand some 15 years before Thailand became wired, and a genuine digital nomad hub. He got the job done using his creativity and imagination. He succeeded.

Wherever you are now, I guarantee that more online opportunities and greater ease of blogging and business exists than existed in Thailand in the 90’s. Stop making uses. Be creative. Use your imagination. Get the job done. We all face obstacles in every country on earth, whether online or offline. Winners never make excuses. Winners get the job done.

Be a blogging trail blazer. Be a pioneer. Observe bloggers like my friend Enstine Muki. He is creative, imaginative, innovative, highly successful and prospering because he finds a way to profit versus making excuses about blogging in Africa, or, Cameroon. Dude is a winner. I could drop him in Antarctic and he would be a professional, prospering, highly successful blogger.

What excuses do you make? Why allow your excuses to hold you back? Let them go. Be creative, imaginative and flexible. Any blogger in any nation can go pro whether or not digital storefronts or payment processors do business in your country.

Money is in consciousness.


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