Thank Goodness You Are Not an Overnight Blogging Success

Thank Goodness You Are Not an Overnight Blogging Success 2
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Most bloggers want fame and fortune overnight.

Perish the thought! Thank the lucky stars you did NOT become an overnight success. No way would you be able to handle the fame, fortune and responsibilities consistent with being successful. Some bloggers who coach confided in me how they pictured themselves appearing on famous TV shows; yes, even as a newbie blogger. Yikes.

Imagine having 3 months of blogging experience but no coaching experience. Nobody lands clients a few months into blogging because you have no skills, experience and credibility yet. So, overnight success kisses you by some bizarre, weird twist. Clients fill your email inbox. But you have no skills or experience to coach them! Look out; you will be exposed as a fraud, lose your reputation and fail quickly. Next, you quit, and try a different niche, because you lost all credibility in your former niche.

Does overnight success sound like a dream now? Overnight success – in the rarest of cases when someone appears to take off aka explode overnight – becomes an absolute nightmare. Think 15 minutes of fame.

Picture landing a TV interview in front of a 20,000,000 viewer audience, as part of your overnight success plan. The interviewer asks you questions. You sit there, terrified, nervous, stuttering, looking like a fool with no coaching experience, little blogging experience and no interviewing experience. Career over. You are toast. Plus, you looked foolish in front of the world, to boot.

First, you need to feel clear, confident and comfortable doing YouTube interviews in front of 5 viewers. Then, 1,000 viewers. Eventually, doing radio interviews in front of 100,000 listeners feels easy. And comfortable. Only after you prepare yourself – after 5,000 plus hours of practice – for years, can you gracefully and seamlessly handle big time blogging success.

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I once again stress how your inner world influences your outer success. Knowing this, newbie bloggers NEED to slowly, patiently and progressively build up their confidence and clarity to practice, to persist and to develop immense skills that predicate big time blogging success.

Think; if you have no confidence and skills as a blogging coach, how can you know the in’s and out’s, subtle nuances and overall experiences you need to tailor coaching for 100 different types of blogging clients? You can’t do it. Plain and simple. But slowly, steadily gaining confidence and skills through thousands of hours of practice – spanning years – prepares you to become a skilled, clear coach who lands a stable of clients and drives steady profits through your business.

Relax. Slow down. Calm down. Being successful is never an overnight deal. Going pro requires years of generous service to increase your skills, exposure and credibility. Put in the time because good things take time and smart, relaxed work. Overnight success does not exist. Thank goodness it does not! You’d never be prepared to handle the responsibilities consistent with your success, anyway. Build up your skills over years. Not only will you enjoy your success, you will also avoid nightmares experienced by people who rush and force the process, after they get their 15 minutes of fame.

The entertainment industry seems filled with 15 minutes of fame types, folks not ready for success and not prepared for the limelight, only to fail, flame out and fall fast into obscurity. Good things require time, generous service and a complete commitment to your craft. Relax. Stick around a while. Enjoy this blogging gig to do it right and to lay the foundation for lasting blogging success.

Enjoy the journey. Be realistic. Stop deluding yourself. Be grounded in reality. Take your time to savor your blogging success.

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