What is the Difference Between a Publisher and an Advertiser(Publisher VS Advertiser)?

In marketing, there is a bit of confusion among the general folks who just heard the words but don’t know literally who is a publisher and who is an advertiser. That’s why I decided to clear out the confusion about publisher vs advertiser. Here it is:

Publisher VS Advertiser

First of all, let me discuss it in layman’s terms, it’s pretty simple and straight forward. Advertisers are the people who own products, and they are just like resellers who expect the publishers would endorse the products that they are hawking would be endorsed by the publishers in a particular way.

On the other hand, publishers, also known as affiliate marketers are an independent party who promote those products and services of an advertiser in exchange of a particular amount of commission depending on their leads or sales. Typically, a publisher displays, ads, texts links, or product links on their websites. They may start email campaigns to grow more sales.

Practical Example

If you are a website/blog owner and want to earn money promoting different brands, products, and services using this blog, then you are basically a publisher, sometimes referred as an “affiliate”.

In contrary, if you are a company and providing different services or with an online store that has multiple products displayed through your website and would like to pay commission to the publishers to promote your products or services on their website, then you are an advertiser.

This’s what the difference between publisher and advertiser. I hope this tiny text helped you to clear out your confusion on publisher vs advertiser issue. If you want to know anything or would like to share something with me, feel free to share with me. I am open and would love to hear from you.

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