Pro Blogger Tip: How to Organize Your Blogging Day

Pro Blogger Tip: How to Organize Your Blogging Day 2
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#1: Be Generous.

#2: Leverage.

#3: Open MSI.

#4: Work on Your Mindset.

As a pro blogger, these 4 steps make my day. I organize my day around these 4 concepts. Organizing your blogging day is less about doing stuff at specific times and more about honoring certain, core, fundamental concepts.

I can share adding value, build a list, how to blog comment and how to guest post, per practical tips, but the 4 steps helped me go pro more than any practical tip.


Blogging is energy. A successful blogger manages their energy to serve and receive.

New bloggers believe doing a specific thing creates success. Not true.

How your vibe creates success. Pros just vibe higher and serve more than most bloggers; pros organize their day around 4 fundamental steps.

#1: Be Generous

Help many people for free every day. Increase your skills. Increase your exposure. Position yourself to succeed.

Skilled, connected bloggers who appear everywhere become pros because being all over is the starting point of earning steady profits. But you need to be generous to be all over.

No pro writes one guest post, sits back, and allows it to go viral. Nope. Pros write a ton of blog posts and guest posts to work for free.

Nobody pays me directly to write for Sazzadul. But I serve people, polish my skills, increase exposure and offer a blogging buddy passive traffic.

This is how pros do it.

Organize your blogging day around this generosity principle.

#2: Leverage

Leverage. Go wide. I published multiple posts today to my blog. 3 valuable posts go wider than 1 valuable post. But I also published 2 guest posts so far today.

Each guest post goes wider than my blog because I reach you guys and I reach readers from other blogs.

Leverage your presence. Pros make wider impacts daily through guest posting, genuine blog commenting, podcasting and broadcasting live on Facebook. Expand your presence.

Be organized by making each act reach a progressively larger group of bloggers.

#3: Open MSI

I am promoting my eBook: How to Organize Your Blogging Day for Maximum Efficiency

today but also promoted a handful of my 100 plus eBooks earlier today. Plus I sell 2 eBooks thru Selz in addition to my 100 plus eBooks on Amazon.

Plus I sell audiobooks, paperbacks, courses, I am an Amazon Associate, and I earn thru various other income streams. I also generate sponsored post and ad revenue.

Be organized financially. Keep adding multiple streams of income to boost blogging profits. Prosper like a pro.

#4: Work on Your Mindset

Mindset makes the biggest difference between pros and amateurs. If you rushed through this post, barely reading a word, fear likely dominates your mind.

How can you be a pro blogger if you fear to spend a few moments to learn from a pro? Pros, and aspiring pros, calmly, confidently and peacefully learn blogging from pros, study blogging, put the advice into action, create and connect generously and open MSI.


Pros who think, feel and act abundantly follow the above tips because these pros think like successful bloggers well before earning even a penny in profits.

Now, think and act like a pro, before you see a penny in profits or before you see 1 visitor to your blog.

Think like a pro and act like a pro before you see pro results.

Meditating, doing deep yin yoga and exercising can help you to work on your mindset. Ultimately, do what works for you.

Spend 30 minutes or more working on your mindset daily. Think like a pro to become a pro.

Now you know how to organize your day like a pro blogger.

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