No Blogger Can Do It All

No Blogger Can Do It All 2
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I am not a blogging robot. I cannot do it all.

I scanned my LinkedIn profile a few moments ago. I also scanned my LinkedIn wall.


I had to admit; I cannot do it all. I simply post links to LinkedIn. I do not have time or energy to engage on the platform because I cannot do it all. I publish 10 to 12 or more blog posts daily, engage on Twitter, engage on Facebook, comment genuinely on blogs and do nothing more. I enjoy life offline too. I enjoy enjoying travel, spending time with my wife and I love watching Netflix or Hulu. I also spend 3-4 hours daily meditating, doing yoga and exercising.

But do you know how many bloggers fear not doing it all and then, making the foolish decision to try to do it all, burn out, fail and quit blogging? I knew a few successful bloggers who quit blogging due to burnout. But the burnout only arose because said bloggers tried to do it all. Bloggers try to comment on blogs, guest post, engage on social media and publish their own content from prolific energies. Guys; you need to stop! Pump the brakes a bit. One blogger can only do so much until the person burns out and slams into mental or physical problems. Do what you can through a few different platforms. Then, call it a day. Relax. Take it easy. Blogging is a marathon in doing a few simple things generously for 1000s and 1000s of hours. Blogging is not a sprint in trying to do 100 things spectacularly for 10, 50 or 500 hours.

I scanned my blog comments on a few old posts recently. Most links I clicked were dead. Either bloggers quit blogging or stopped paying their domain and hosting, in effect, choosing to quit blogging. Some of these bloggers lost their love for blogging. But some of these bloggers maintained a love of blogging while trying to do it all. You can love blogging, feel passionate about blogging and want to blog BUT if you cannot face, feel and release the urge to try to do it all, you will burnout, fail and quit blogging. The blogging graveyard often gets littered with the bones of passionate bloggers who simply did not find the will to turn off their laptop, to write off certain social networks or to delegate specific tasks to other skilled professionals.

I do what I can, then, call it a blogging day. One secret to my longevity – I have blogged for 12 years – is knowing I can only do so much. I write off LinkedIn. I engage a little bit on Twitter and Facebook. I guest post. I comment on blogs. I post to my blog. That is it. That is all I can do. Doing these few, simple things for 1000s of hours allowed me to live a freeing life of circling the globe. This is the rub. Do a few simple things generously, for a long time, AND let go EVERYTHING ELSE. Stop obsessing over trying to paste your link to 150 different sites. This is madness. Paste your link on a handful of sites. Build bonds on a few of those sites. Stop trying to do the impossible. Stop trying to do it all. Nobody can do it all.

Focus your energy on a few core tasks. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention and energy to these core tasks and you will find those disciplines grow quite nicely over the long haul.


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