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Judge Much Less Help a Lot More 2
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Sometimes it feels easy to judge people needlessly.

Annoying fools who spam us.

Silly cats who try to get $3 sponsored posts on our blogs when pricing is really 3 figures and up.

I am not immune from judging people during my blogging day. Hey; I am human. But most of the time, I do not judge people. I help people more. Help people more. Have more fun. Feel better. Be more successful. The process is really quite simple but uncomfortable to shift to, at first. Ego may be so used to judging people that helping people feels a bit alien, weird and agitating. No worries. Put your ego to the side. Generously help people.

Perhaps I do not email every bargain basement barterer cheapie with advice to build friendships. But goodness knows I give little energy to these folks, choosing instead to publish more content, to bond with more bloggers and to put in the time so I can build my blogging business while rendering useful service to my fellow bloggers.

Judge less. Help more. Stop getting all caught up complaining about bloggers for days or weeks. Devote those days and weeks to publishing helpful content. Sure we get annoyed sometimes. Feel the annoyance in the moment. Rid yourself of the feelings. Proceed to generously serve people. Help a bunch more. Judge a bunch less.

Nobody knows everything. We all learn every day. Nobody is perfect. Plus, the bloggers you needlessly judge during hissy fits all make mistakes you likely made at least once during your blogging career. Perhaps you made these mistakes more than once. Who knows?

I made plenty of errors during my early blogging days. Goodness knows, I am not perfect. Nor was I perfect. I tend to reserve judgment for the most part, although I do lash out at folks from time to time to bash some cyber skulls so I wake people up with the truth. But I never get caught up in a vicious loop of going off on lost bloggers for any sustained period of time. I am too busy helping people to spend much time judging people. For the most part, at least.

Time is of the essence. Figuring out how to save time as a blogger gets easy if you release time-wasting actions and replace with efficient blogging actions. I made a huge turn when I ceased complaining about bloggers for 5, 10 or 20 minutes. I stopped whining about bloggers for hours. Now, I may whine for a few seconds but immediately move on, either writing a beneficial post on the topic or simply letting go the individual and their issues, to move on to the next moment. Less judging, more helping. Success finds helpful bloggers. Success does not find judgmental bloggers who skewer folks routinely, raking them on top of the coals, left and right.

Get stupid busy helping people through blogging, guest posting, broadcasting live and podcasting. Get busy helping people by commenting genuinely on blogs and by promoting bloggers on your blog, through guest posts and through social media. Be as helpful as humanly possible. Be generous. Guaranteed, you think much less about judging people when busy helping folks because love and fear are 2 clearly different emotions. Generous service is love, while judgment is fear-pain, manifest as a projecting energy.

Think of all the ways you can help your readers. Focus on expressing genuine gratitude for your following. Be grateful for all seemingly annoying cheapies who litter your inbox with lame pitches. Each teaches you compassion, patience, persistence, and a genuine lesson in how to detach from scared folks. Be grateful to be enough on the radar screen that these people email you frequently. Obviously, your blog is in demand. Otherwise, these folks would not be trying to land links on your blog so diligently.

Stop judging so much. Begin helping persistently. Blog from love and generosity versus blogging from fear and judgment. Watch how your blogging tide turns.

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