Impacts of Social Media Marketing on These Days

Impacts of Social Media Marketing on These Days 2
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Do you know about the impacts of social media marketing these days? How much are they changing the total marketing system all around the world?

Social media are playing a vital role in our lives, it’s time to think what could we be sacrificing our mental health by losing well-being and valuable time as well?

Or are we utilizing the endless opportunity of these media?

As science and technology are growing progressively, information and communication technology has changed vastly over the past 20 years.  Lots of elements have been added due to accelerate the rapid change. For instance, I can say the development of mobile technology. In the very first stage of this century, this technology has played an indispensable role in shaping the influence of social media.

Statistically, over the world, mobile devices dominate concerning total minutes spent online by internet users. Due to being a portable device mobile has earned the flexibility of gross population.

The Reasons for  Sharing Information

Impacts of Social Media Marketing on These Days 3
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One of the exciting studies organized by the New York Times Consumer Insight Group reported the motivation that participants cited for sharing information on social media.

Some psychological aspects work to share personal opinion like reveal valuable and entertaining contents to others, to define themselves, to grow to nourish our relationships and get the brand out of the border.

Simple Statistics

Some reports say more than three billion people and 40% of the total population around the world are involving with the social media and most importantly they are spending the average of more than two hours every day through interacting with each other. They are sharing, liking, tweeting, and updating on these platforms which are resulting in half a million tweets and Snapchat photos shared every minute.

A different study from Pew Research reveals that 62 percent of people receive their news from social media, with 18 percent doing so quite often.

Impact of social media marketing
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Image Courtesy: smart insights

On the above statistic shows the intensity of mobile usage during all the 24 hours across the globe.

Come Down to the Numbers

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Image Courtesy: astrokrsna

Numbers always play a vital role in the psychology of the recipients. Let’s have a look at the numbers regarding the issue.  Every 9 out of 10 internet users live in the USA use at least a social media network site once a month.

Globally, 15.6% of social networking accounts holders are 15 years and above older. Except for the age group of 55 years older among in the others the web-based email usage has declined. As they are spending more time on the social media platform, the chances are high for the business holder to leverage that opportunity in the best possible way.

One statistics show that 67% of American adults moderately depend on social media platforms like Facebook(-0.69%), Twitter(-20.47%), and Snapchat(SNAP,-4.11%) for different purposes compared with 62% in 2016.

Moreover, social media is being the main focus in almost all the sectors, and it’s used in various ways that impact on politics, business, culture, education, careers, innovation, and so on. Now, I am going to describe some of the crucial sectors where social media impacts.

Impact on Marketing

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First of all, you have to understand that due to the impact of social media the connection between the brands and consumers have changed a lot. The policy and the way of implementing the ideas have drastically shifted to a new dimension that already has made an extraordinary impact on the gross marketing arena.

These days companies and organizations create policies after analyzing the marketplace and the demand of the consumers. They also can utilize social media for monitoring the gross consumer’s consent, like, dislike and any other interests. In the world of business social media has always had a significant impact in the past. It’s making a result from an MNC or small business to the larger company to build their brand more visible to their expected clients.

In the Past

What we saw in the past, we saw there were also several kinds of media that were used as a means of marketing in different ways. For instance, Radio played a vital role in the past. I can remember that Radio was my prime source of entertainment in my school days as that time satellite channels were not spread so. That was an amazing experience ever in my life relating to the Radio.

Then comes to the Television which was also one of the vital media though not like the present it had a particular impact on society. Next, turns to the print ads though they were not as today. All these media were used in the marketing sector, not like these days but had a significant impact on gross. Overall, in earlier traditional marketing were so much costly medium to implement.

At Present

At present what we see that a new wave rushes to every single portion of the society and has made a radical change in the marketing platform. It’s now pretty easier for the companies to catch the target audiences at a lower cost. The companies can be connected with their target audiences for free. Only the investment can be here is the time.

Now the options have raised at the same time cost has reduced to a greater extent. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc can lower your marketing costs.

Impact on the Business

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Social Media Marketing is always holding an enormous influence on business and market as the business germination and performance are replacing at high speed.

In this case, social media serves in evolving business tactics. Building with the brand image social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc show simultaneously an opening for business to grab the visitors consideration.

These social networks allow the business to use different types of techniques to develop and build fan profiles like fan pages, contests, etc. Social media marketing can figure out the likes and preferences of prospective consumers, and it discloses the latest trend used by expected consumers.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Here are some of the explicit benefits of social media marketing one can have given below:

Improved Understanding of Consumers

By sharing the insights, knowledge and knowing about the brand usually business get a better understanding of their customers through social media. Not only that but the business person can understand about the options can have for the potential customers and also can make a network with them.


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Effective business always needs to have a connection with the consumers concerning changing the policies, preferences, and resources. This connection is required to adapt to the changing interest of the customers. Social media can be one of the main sources of that connection.

Establishing Brand Awareness

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Image Courtesy: milewalk

Through social media, it’s pretty easy to create a brand and make awareness about the brand. By interacting with the people in social media, it’s so much possible to make a one to one connection among your users.

Better Customer Service

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Social media allows the business to respond to consumer complaints, questions, and concerns almost immediately. The clients usually want to be confirmed when they face any problem they will receive support at the shortest possible time.


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Extended publicity through social media ultimately drives the traffic to the conversion. This means it turns potential customers into the actual customers. Every business has an ultimate goal to turn prospective visitors into quality customers. And most importantly social media platform can play a specific role in this regard.

Final Words

The world is changing day by day and every form of human interactions are evolving by the passage of time. The same is happening in the marketing arena. Social media is a scalable gateway or source for marketing materials in these days. It has impacted our personal and professional lives is far greater than most of us could have anticipated.

That’s how the whole things of marketing work in social media networks. I just wanted to make you able to comprehend an overview of the social media influence. Hopefully, this article helped you a lot. Please, let me know by leaving a comment below if you have any query regarding the matter or anything that needs to share in the post.

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