How to Become a Better Blogger [A Progressive Guide to Beginners]

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“Will you always be a poor writer if you never had writing skills?”


Becoming a blogger just by starting a blog is pretty much straightforward. But if you want to cut a solid mark and grow as a better blogger, you are going to need something fascinating.

A successful blogger in a proper sense is a way more difficult job than just writing a piece and then publish it on the web. If you experiment on the successful bloggers, you will find something amazing that will blow your mind.

Running a successful blog by being a better writer isn’t that easy. It needs lots of effort and dedication by following proper tactics.

Yep; there are PLENTY of ways to become a better blogger that helps you get interested readers to your website. But if you want to hold those eyes on your page, you’re going to need something stand out.

Now, in this article, I’ll share some proven handpicked tips that’ll help you become a better writer progressively.

How to Become a Better Blogger

For being a better blogger, you need to maintain some blogging standards. Let me show you five simple and effective ways to become a better blogger.

Here’s the first one… 

1. Double D(DD) Formula

To make you understand better, I coined the word Double D(DD) which stands for Disciplined Dedication. Your dedication has to be consistent. To become a successful blogger, first, you need to have an indomitable will power to learn things in a proper way. It’s not just like you put ample labor in the field; rather, I am talking about putting labor in the right direction.

Dedication is something that drives you towards making you better every day. But the dedication must be disciplined and done with a constructive consistency. Discipline means here writing posts, commenting on other blogs, content distributing through different social media channels on a regular basis.

2. Plan-Wise Preparation is Core

There is a proverb that says practice makes a man perfect. For having a precise practice, you also need a proper plan. A plan is something that works for anything which is important for you. Before you start writing, know about your audiences and their interests.

Write down every necessary thing to the smallest detail and then implement those realistically. Taking time for this kind of planning will keep you motivated all the time, they will pinch you to create the daily steps to achieve those goals.

3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Content is the key; that’s why you need to focus on the quality content writing that grabs the attention of your readers. Create contents that help get your readers where they want to be. Don’t focus on the increasing number of words but maintain the quality of words that you are putting.

Use Google Analytics to figure out the interest of your target audiences, then start writing on those topics that will provide value to them. Putting limited but quality words are better than thousand of words that don’t add any value to your audiences.

On that note, you can create a blog with amazing content, and people can get enough value from your content. Realize that the time you put in focusing on content writing is the reflection of what you will get back. Write more and more to achieve the confidant of delivering high-quality content.

4. Learn From the Mistakes

This is what most of the novice bloggers don’t follow practically. Whenever you write an article, make sure that the next one would the better one than that of the current piece. Find out the mistakes from your previous blog posts that you need to improve to make you a better writer.

The tendency of finding mistakes from your writing will ultimately make you a better blogger. Mistakes could be anything that adds value to you after improving it. Moreover, not only the content writing skill but also the content distribution skill as well. If you failed in distributing content properly, figure out the best-suited channel and strategy for content distribution according to your niche.

5. Read Other Great Blogger’s Post

Words are really powerful, and reading other great blogger’s posts is a great way to develop your writing skills. If you want to write a better piece of blog posts, then you MUST read the posts of other profound bloggers inside and outside of your industry. This is something that will help you grow radically.

One of the most vital facts is if you don’t read great writing from different sources, you will not really learn how to write a great piece of writing. In my entire writing experience, I have learned mostly by reading most of the giant blogger’s best works.

6. Write Regularly

From my personal experience, I can tell you that having a regular writing habit ultimately makes you a better writer. It will definitely do wonders for you. The fact is here, not only does writing habit help you to improve your writing skill, but it also helps you to set up a writing mindset.

Many of us struggle to get into the mindset; in this case, you need to jump in and start writing something. Initially, try to write a little bit every day, don’t pressurize yourself; otherwise, it will make you bored.

Whatever you write, it doesn’t matter, but writing something that you enjoy personally will help to stick around the writing habit. If you maintain this regularly, ultimately, it will help you to become a better blogger.

7. Make a Balance Between Quality and Quantity

Hundreds of quality words are indeed better than thousand of worthless words. But it’s also true that you need to maintain a proper balance between quality and quantity. The value should be provided in a proper sense that means it should be complete itself.

Without incomplete writing couldn’t enough for fulfilling a particular purpose though it maintains quality in writing. The problem is here the insufficiency of your quality content. So, make sure that your content is properly balanced between quality

8. Figure Out Your Voice and Style

If you see the biography and the works of great writers out there in the present and past as well, you will find something exclusive about them that makes them different from each other. You will find something innate withing their writing by which you can distinguish them from each other.

Sometimes it happens that you can recognize the writer without knowing the name of reading. How is that possible?

In the same way, you should try to find your writing style and create your voice in the community. For making this happen, you must know or find yourself first. Try to craft regular content that will help you to find out yourself and get in touch with your audiences as well.

9. Don’t be Obsessed with Writing

Don’t just create content for the sake of creating it. Every blogger wants to create a way better piece of content that goes viral. But sometimes that makes them crazy, and ultimately most of them ended up with less productive. Take a break after publishing one piece.

Give enough time to yourself and get relaxed before starting a new one. But who manages to write post after post in order to get a sound view instantly, will not provide a stable solution. Obsessive post creation may fascinate your reader for a while, but this will hamper you from creating the content that your audiences enjoy ultimately.

It doesn’t mean that being obsessive with creating viral posts is a wrong approach, but you shouldn’t make it your only goal. Instead, you can craft a useful, informative, and valuable posts for your audiences.

10. Improvise Copywriting Skills

Blogging and copywriting is not the same. A copywriter – is actually an online seller who can manage to craft content that can speak to the respective audience so that they would take some definite actions.

Neville Medhora (the excellent copywriter over at AppSumo) places it in the following way:

Copywriting is essentially moving words around to sell better. —

In other words, copywriting is a skill set that converts passive viewers into consumers. This is not an easy skill to set up within yourself. So try to apply copywriting skills in your blogging. This will be more engaging and interacting in type.

Final Words

Becoming a successful blogger is not an easy task, nor it’s a difficult job, but it’s a matter of maintaining consistency in a disciplined way. When you put your time on reading, you would most probably become a confident and persuasive writer whose blog posts shine others.

Finally, it doesn’t matter which niche are you in or what subjects you write about on your blog; the discussion as mentioned above will help you develop your blogging skills and finding the best version of you.

I hope the article helped you and if you want to share some more ways that make you better at blogging, you can comment down below.

15 thoughts on “How to Become a Better Blogger [A Progressive Guide to Beginners]”

  1. Quality is definitely the most important! Write blog posts like you CARE!! Then other people will CARE! There is nothing worse to me than seeing someone push out content that isn’t proofread and like 10 posts happen a day. You could have written just one or two posts and made them 30x better!

    1. Yup. GiGi is spot on. There is nothing that drives me nuts more than people who focus 100% on generating quantity and close to 0% on making sure it’s worth putting out there (generating quality). Except maybe people for whom what they write is all about them, and yet they want to monetize and make a serious business out of their blog. If you’re writing an online diary, that’s fine, and you can go out and put whatever you want up there. But don’t expect the rest of the world to want to read it, unless it just so happens that your stream of consciousness ALSO solves everyone else’s problems.

  2. This is such great advice! I need to be more dedicated and disciplined that’s for sure. I appreciate the advice so much!

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