How Confident Do You Feel About Your Rates and Prices?

How Confident Do You Feel About Your Rates and Prices? 2
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Develop a deep, clear level of confidence in your blogging rates and prices.

Or else less than clear people will reflect your lack of confidence to you.

Imagine if you feel unclear on your eBook pricing. Doubting the pricing makes sales die off – if sales ever grew to begin with – but more appropriately, YOUR doubt attracts doubt-filled cheapies to you who mirror your doubts back to you. Doubting your eBook pricing reflects people in your experience who doubt your pricing, touching on a nerve, frustrating you, challenging you and all but forcing you to face, feel and release eBook pricing fears.

Why do you need doubters in your blogging life at various times? Doubtful readers, potential customers and potential clients reflect your fears – or lack thereof – back to you. Imagine fearing you charge too much for an eBook of yours. Someone comes along, doubts your pricing and complains how the eBook was too expensive for the value you render. Confident bloggers care less; they know how wonderful they are and need nothing from no one. But bloggers lacking confidence feel worried, anxious and flat out afraid about charging too much money for the eBook. At that point, either you drop the price or raise the price, based on your clarity. Everything depends on you because you choose your eBook worth and your self worth.

I suggest erring to the higher price if you publish helpful content and built your name up over years. Be confident! Believe in yourself. Believe in your eBook. Scared folks fearing money loss may complain about your eBook price but their fears have nothing to do with your knowledge, wisdom and experience jam-packed into the eBook. Simply be with your fears of charging too much money, feel the fears, release the fears and get clear on a price. Move forward from there. Develop confidence by facing, feeling and releasing any fears you cling to regarding prices and rates you charge. Other people just mirror back to you your clarity and confidence or lack of clarity and doubt concerning what you offer, premium-wise. Do not blame scared people for triggering doubts in you. Silently thank these folks for triggering emotions you need to feel to get clear on your rates and prices, in order to make more money.

I wrote an eBook on the solopreneur rollercoaster ride we all take:

6 Tips to Embrace the Solopreneur Rollercoaster Ride

Finding pricing to get clear on and rates you feel good about often adds some dips to the rollercoaster ride because most fill their heads with doubts regarding the worth of their premium offerings. But facing, feeling and releasing fear-doubt concerning pricing gives you the clarity to figure out your accurate pricing. Finding your accurate pricing allows you to make more money because getting clear on offerings removes resistance to exposure and money. Flat out; confident, clear bloggers make money regularly because they have no fear-doubt mental blocks repelling the money.

Everything comes down to your energy. Energy is nothing but your predominant belief system regarding any area of life. Face pricing fears by being honest about how you feel concerning offerings. Do you feel uncomfortable charging certain prices? Good. Exiting your comfort zone serves as a starting point to boosting your blogging income. Face, feel and release pricing fears to allow in ideal customers, the perfect clients and greater blogging income.

Help oodles of people for free. Generous servants gain pricing clarity quite quickly because they know how good they are at what they do, through the principle of repetition-practice.

Give freely, remove resistance to money and over time, receive easily.

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