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Do Your Own Blogging Thinking Every Day 2
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11 Online Business Tips for Retiring to a Life of Island Hopping

I retired to a life of island hopping. I run an online business as I circle the globe. I decided to write and self-publish an eBook to help you run an online business while circling the globe. Does this sound like a square deal? You bet it does. I know how to do it and teach you how to do it in the eBook. But do your own blogging thinking by deciding if the eBook is for you. Do your own blogging thinking after buying the eBook by selecting which of the 11 online business tips resonates with you. Do your own blogging thinking by deciding to use what tips seem resonant with you. I know how to help you but you decide to think, feel and act independently of me.

Never follow my advice blindly. Think for yourself. Trust my advice but only after you decided to carefully think through advice I offer you. In some cases, you instantly feel good, uplifted and inspired after reading one of my eBooks, after reading one of my posts or after listening to one of my podcasts. Cool. Trust your good vibes and trust my advice because the good vibes mean you resonate with my blogging advice. Trust blogging advice you vibe with. But also know how you think, feel and act to feel good, to vibe with me and to trust my advice. Ultimately, everything is on you. Everything is your thinking, feeling and acting, each being completely independent of me, my thinking, feeling and acting.

I intend to empower you by telling you to think for yourself. Bloggers who do not think for themselves become slaves, insects, sheeple. Imagine if an icon like Neil Patel says to do something. People who do it without:

  • thinking through the strategy soundly
  • running the advice through their personal filters
  • thinking through the tip via their intuition
  • questioning if the approach fits or does not fit into their blogging campaign

become a slave to Neil Patel, or, become a slave to Neil Patel’s thinking. I guarantee you that Neil would suggest that you think for yourself before following his advice because he knows how he became successful by being a free thinker. Neil is a search engine genius but I think through any advice he offers because his advice may not fit:

  • the Blogging From Paradise brand
  • my blogging strategy
  • what feels fun to me

Since I think for myself I take Neil’s advice resonant with me, and release everything else. I feel grateful for seizing and using his resonant advice and appreciate all other advise, as I deeply respect his generosity and abundant mindset. I simply think for myself to avoid becoming a slave, an insect or a sheeple, because human beings have an odd tendency to become slaves to other people, simply by believing people mindlessly, without using their precious, raw power of thought. I think a lot. I sometimes fall exhausted after thinking through my campaign, advice from fellow bloggers and the viewpoints of other human beings. But I am free only because I think independently of others, doing my own thinking.

Take my advice or leave my advice. Whether you take my advice or leave my advice makes no difference to me. Take it or leave it. I want nothing from you. I intend to put out helpful blogging advice. If you vibe with it, buy it. If not, find someone who vibes with you. Think through my advice. Trust what vibes with you, use it and benefit from it. But always think through blogging advice by doing your own blogging thinking every single day. Never trust bloggers blindly because blindly trusting any human being leads to you both forfeiting your precious gift of thought along with ignoring the possibility that the person’s advice but may trust worthy, but not for you.

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Ryan Biddulph

A Blogging Geek from Paradise.

Ryan Biddulph inspires bloggers with his 100 plus eBooks, courses, audiobooks and blog at Blogging From Paradise.

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