Do You Let Your Blog Content Promote Itself?

Do You Let Your Blog Content Promote Itself? 2
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When you’re living your dreams through blogging, will you be sitting at your laptop, 15 hours a day, obsessively promoting every single piece of content you publish, across a hundred channels online?

Think about it. Do you allow your blog content to promote itself organically, at least a little bit, based on the value of the post, the clarity and your delivery and based more than anything on your confidence and posture? Think about this question because how you vibe while blogging dictates your results.

Allow your blog content to promote itself a bit. Let the content go. Allow the content to promote itself based on its merit. Write and publish helpful blog posts solving reader needs. Allow readers to enjoy the content, to promote the content and to make your blogging life easier and easier. Simple. But uncomfortable, because you need to face, feel and release fears scaring you to be a control freak, to try to manipulate your blogging campaign and to be a micro managing blogger.

Most bloggers vibe from fear and manipulation. Simply observe the average blog promotion campaign. Bloggers publish a valuable post but trip over themselves obsessively to promote the post in a gazillion spots with heavy tension. Meanwhile, confident, posturing bloggers simply publish a helpful post and know its value so they don’t need to obsessively promote the post. Guess who succeeds? Of course, the posturing bloggers who allow the content to promote itself organically based on their confidence experience more success based solely on their energy.

Meanwhile, bloggers who actually publish helpful content but add fear and tension to an obsessive promotional campaign simply struggle to drive traffic or blogging profits. I’ve seen this happen many times. I’ve also experienced this myself in the past. But I did learn my lesson.

Now I get busy helping people by publishing valuable content but I do little promoting because I let my blog content promote itself organically. Surrendering to this frame of mind felt scary at first. I feared nobody would read my work unless I promoted it liberally. But after the first few weeks of publishing and releasing, my content promoted itself based on my confidence, intent, energy and of course based on the value of the content itself.

What do I mean by content promoting itself? Write and publish helpful blog posts that readers enjoy and promote without you doing much promoting, if any, at all. Surrender into the blogging success process. Publish something helpful then allow loyal readers to Facebook Share, retweet and LinkedIn share the post. Allow readers to share your posts on their blog. Let it happen by letting go fear-obsessions like trying to paste your blog post link in 20 Facebook Groups. If your content is good and you get clear on its value, the content will promote itself organically, through readers who enjoy the content.

Do you allow your blog content to promote itself? Just a little bit? Believe in yourself. Believe in your blog content. Give it a tiny promotional nudge. Then allow the content to promote itself based on the value you publish. Readers will enjoy the content and promote it through their channels of choice while you get to have a life offline or simply engage in different online pursuits.

I learned this concept from my friend and highly successful blogger Alonzo Pichardo. He built a thriving business over many years by helping people for free and allowing his valuable, beneficial content to promote itself. He developed posture. This means he knows his content rocks so he doesn’t need to spend hours obsessively promoting the content. He advises you publish valued content and then allow it to do what it does.

The moment I genuinely adopted this frame of mind I noticed my content received far more shares, I drove far more traffic and my profits increased too. All with me barely promoting my work. How? Why? I changed my energy. I began to realize that if my content was good that people would simply promote it for me. I did not need to spend hours promoting anything because the work would promote itself.

The only bloggers who told me to obsessively promote my blog content simply clung to heavy limiting beliefs anchored in deserving issues, backed by a hard work consciousness. Sure you can give your content a little promotional boost but when you find yourself obsessing over sharing your content in a high number of areas, deep down, you believe the content has little worth. Or you believe the content is worthy but fear nobody will see it unless you try to manipulate the promotion through your hard work consciousness. Either way, it’s a bad idea to promote your content aggressively because this comes from an energy of fear, lack and scarcity, guaranteeing your struggles.

Know your worth. See immense value in your content. Give it a tiny promotional nudge, similar to flicking a top, and let the content value promote itself organically as it gains momentum through its own value. As Alonzo says, let the content do what it does. Simply share it in a few spots and the more confidence and clarity you gain in your content, more and more folks will pick it up and share it to their tribes, boosting your traffic and profits in the process.

Have confidence. Accept how you publish helpful content. Embrace the idea that the content will promote itself organically if you face your fears, lack of deserving issues and the general idea that you need to be in control of everything with your blogging campaign. Eventually, expect to go mad if you try to control every aspect of your blogging campaign. Impossible. Plus you’ll have no offline life.

Picture the person who lives their dreams. Be that person. Imagine yourself blogging by the beaches of Fiji. Step into that mental picture. Feel yourself blogging full-time as a professional from your home. Doesn’t this feel good? Doesn’t it feel fun, freeing and calming? Good. now, picture this blogger. Guaranteed, a successful, confident and posturing blogger does not worry about their content being promoted. Pros have posture. Pros know that readers will promote their content like wildfire. Adopt this attitude. Free up more time for your hobbies. Or free up more time to leverage your presence online by helping more folks through various channels.

Allow your content to promote itself organically after giving it a little marketing nudge. Embody the concepts of passive traffic, passive income and heck, passive business success. Sure we need to work generously for many hours to build up these passive elements but it definitely feels good to actually have a life offline once you go full time online.


One secret to allowing yourself to let your blog content promote itself organically is to think, feel and act like an intelligent, prospering blogger. How can you do that? I wrote an eBook to help you be a smarter and richer blogger. This read inspires you to blog from a prospering, posturing energy which is the perfect starting point to develop a more passive nature about your blogging campaign.

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