Amazon ASIN Number – What, Why, & How

Amazon ASIN Number - What, Why, & How 2
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Do you know about the ASIN number? What is it, why to use and how to get this?

ASIN number is an important thing for Amazon marketplace. Usually, Amazon uses these numbers to manage the retail catalog. ASIN is used to identify the exact items you want to sell on your site.

If you want to work with Amazon and sell on Amazon, one of the most prior steps is to identify your ASIN numbers for your expected products. In this article, I will try to cover details of ASIN numbers including what is ASIN numbers, how can you find them and what is the use of them.

What is ASIN Number

ASIN is the acronym of Amazon Standard Identification Number that uses to identify the products in Amazon marketplace. Basically, it’s an alphanumeric unique number of 10 characters that designated by and its partners.

The thing is ASIN are only guaranteed unique within the Amazon marketplace. Hence, for the same product, ASIN may vary from country to country for the regional purpose.

What is the Importance of ASIN

This number is important for both sides, one side is Amazon marketplace and another is the sellers in the marketplace. In the case of Amazon, ASIN number is used to refer to catalog data, track inventory for the products and ultimately this index the whole catalog pages for browsing or searching.

On the other hand, in the case of customer perspective, Amazon provides its customers with a wide range of search options. This helps shoppers to select the products easily and drill down through multiple types of products to serve them what they are looking for. Customers also can type the product description into the search box.

In this case, ASIN provides a transparent way of searching for products. Using ASIN, Amazon delivers an accurate and most relevant product search for its customers.

Without using the ASIN number, it wouldn’t possible to identify and find the right products. So it’s vital for sellers to identify and use the ASIN identifier for their products. Moreover, for listing products on Amazon, at first, you will need to search the product’s ASIN number.

How to Find ASIN Number

Basically, you can locate the Amazon ASIN number in several places. You can find them from a product web address, product details info, or you may find them in a software tool for ASIN lookups.

In most cases and the fastest way to find the ASIN is in your browser’s address bar that and you can find this in the best rapid way for your expected product, you are looking to sell.

To locate the ASIN properly, you can see ASIN number will be after the product’s name and dp as I am highlighting in the below.

Amazon ASIN Number - What, Why, & How 3
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Another place where you can find the ACIN number is in the product details on site, exactly near the bottom of the product page.

Amazon ASIN Number - What, Why, & How 4
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There could have another option to find the ASIN number that is software tools specifically for ASIN number lookups. In the case of a huge amount of product, it wouldn’t be wise to search for each product individually, then copy and paste each one.

To solve the problem Amazon uses tools like Synccentric that allow you to import your product identifiers, and then the retrieve the ASIN for you.  One thing these tools will cost you much. These are some of the expected places from where you can get the ASIN number.

How to Add Unique ASIN

Sometimes, you might need to add a unique ASIN number to your product catalog. This thing may happen when you are going to sell the new items that are unsold yet before on the Amazon site. This can happen if you are a manufacturer and you own new items.

To fix the issue, Amazon provides an “Add a Product” tool that allows you to create a new product catalog on Using this tool you can create your product page and when your product page is up, you can sell your items

[? Pro-Tips: Be careful when you use custom product ASIN because other sellers can also use the same ASIN number to sell the same products.]

When creating a new ASIN number, it needs to know about GTINs that stands for Global Trade Item Numbers. The most common GTINs used are UPCs, ISBNs, and EANs, etc. You can find these codes generally near the barcode on the product package of your product. Here are some of the codes mentioned below:

  • ISBN – International Standard Book Number: 10 digits or 13 digits
  • UPC – Universal Product Code: 12 digits
  • EAN – European Article Number: 13 digits
  • GTIN-14 –  Global Trade Item Number: 14 digits

Don’t worry, if you even don’t know about the GTIN, you can still request it from the manufacturer of your product. But if you are the owner of the product means manufactured the item by yourself, you have to register your product through the GS1 US for UPCs, or US ISBN Agency for ISBNs (for US sellers).

They are the universal product identifiers to manage their own unique ASIN numbers.

Before Ending

ASIN number of Amazon marketplace is a very crucial factor to manage your products. Using this ASIN code you can sell your expected products on your expected marketplace in the best possible way.

So you need to know about the ins and out of the Amazon ASIN before you dive into the marketplace. It’s obvious that knowing all the aforementioned aspect regarding the ASIN, you can have the proper feedback from the marketplace.

Hopefully, this article helped you much to know about the Amazon ASIN number in details. If you already know about the issue, you can share your opinion leaving a comment below. Moreover, if you want to know anything further about the issue, let me know your query. I would love to help you out in the best possible way.

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